Sunday, June 01, 2008


I have been stabbed in the back by someone I thought was a friend, and I want to talk about it. My "friend" Joe, who I have mentioned in this blog, is in all actuality a back stabbing, trash talking tool, and I hate it for him.

Joe has been to my house on many occasions, and eaten my food, and drank my drink. Joe said last week that he wanted to come over and watch the game show I was on. We were planning on watching it, and I never mind company, so we told him to come over. I offered to pick him up, and he insisted on walking. We watched the TV program, but it was a really low key day. I had had a hard day at work, and Jon was tired too. It was a low energy night, and after the show we watched a little more TV, then Joe wanted to leave. We were ready for bed, so I offered him a ride. He said "No I'll walk." I argued with him, telling him it was miles and miles and it was late, but he insisted. While he was there, he took the opportunity to talk all kinds of junk about our mutual friend Herb, Herb's mom, and their friend Christian. It wasn't a really fun night, and it made me kind of glad that he was moving to Boone, so that I wouldn't have to hurt his feelings by just never inviting him over again.

That was Friday. Monday, he went to Herb's house for dinner. Yes, Herb, who he had spent a good ten minutes running his mouth about. And while he was there, he started talking about Jon and I.

Call me crazy, but I thought friends were people who came to your house to hang out with you, you know, people who like you. Call me crazy, but those people shouldn't be the ones who run their mouth about you.

He said that Jon was a gigantic "A**hole" who wouldn't let me give him a ride home. He also said that I was fat on the TV show, and I looked stupid. He said there were 45 minutes where everyone sat in stony uncomfortable silence. This did not happen. But, for me, the worst thing he said was that I was "Inhospitable."

I'm not as upset about a friend being a jerk as I am about any one in the whole world calling me inhospitable. I am the most hospitable person I know, excepting my mom. I constantly invite all my friends to my house, feed them delicious food, carry as much of the conversation as needs carrying, make sure they have drinks, etc. In short, I bend over backwards to make sure that all the people that enter my house leave having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Joe, as I said, has come to my house many times, eaten that food, and otherwise benefited from my hospitality. He knows that I am hospitable. Anyone that knows me knows I am hospitable. I'm so mad that I want to punch him in the face. And I'm not a violent person.

Further, after all the times that I have invited him to my house, have I ever stepped foot in his house? No. So, who is inhospitable? I'd put my money on that guy. I've given him so many meals, and has he ever even offered me a soda? Again, no.

If you recall my not getting that summer job that I wanted...I didn't get it because the people who work with Joe know he's a tool and assumed the same of his friends. I suppose because he spends a lot more time at work than with me, he's had time to show his true colors.

So I'm sitting on Herb's front porch yesterday with his mom and friend Christian. Joe has talked badly of each of them to me. Joe has talked badly about each of us to Herb. Joe has talked badly about each of us to Herb's mom (Does anyone else think that's weird?). Joe had talked badly about each of us to Christian. So, the four of us sat and shared everything he has said.

What kind of person talks badly about every person they know? And get this-Joe has been our "friend" for months and months. Dude was in prison for 5 years for drugs, and do you think he ever mentioned that? If you guessed no, you're right. No, dude never mentioned 5 years in prison, which I think is pretty important.

So, if you're ever walking around Hickory and you see an unattractive skinny guy with horrible teeth and stringy hair parted in the middle, (See Joe, I can say mean things too, only mine are true) I'd avoid him if I were you.


Jenelle said...

I'm so sorry!!!People just never cease to amaze me. You try to show people kindness and then they talk trash about you and don't like you for no good reason. It's hurtful and I'm sorry it happened to you. But you know what? It's his loss! I noticed you have a reader in Madrid?? How cool is that? ILY!!!

Anonymous said...

What an asshat!

Sorry you have to up with crap like that from anyone, let alone a "friend."

Carmen Eckard said...

Leesepea-I love your insulting word. It's the best I've heard in weeks.

Mom, thanks for your encouragement. I'm over it, as he is obviously not cool enough for me to ever have been friends with!

Helloooo, readers in Madrid!

Brad said...

You put too much emphasis on what people think of you. Just remember that most people spend 95% of their time thinking about one thing: themselves. This guy should have no power over you and only you can let yourself have a bad day.

I'm curious. How do other peoples views and opinions effect (or is it affect--I always get that wrong) you. For instance, if I told you I was a Republican (which I am), would you think more or less of me? Just a little psychology question.

By the way...Joe is really more of an assclown rather than an asshat, but that's really an issue of semantics.