Friday, May 30, 2008

I want to give google a big sloppy kiss!

I know I've blogged before about my undying love for google. But my love has gotten deeper and stronger. And before anyone gets dorky and says "Why don't you marry google?", well, because polygamy is illegal.

Igoogle, while it has always been awesome, has recently really blossomed into the coolest thing ever. I remember always thinking "What did we do without the internet?" Truth is, I can barely remember those days. Now I ask, "What did we do without google?"

Things I have on my igoogle:

Google Reader: This is my favorite. It's an RSS feed that allows me to add ALL the blogs I read. This keeps me from checking 12 blogs...if they updated, it's right there for me to see.

BeTwittered: Perfect for my new love of Twitter. I can see 10 twitters and twitter myself.

Gmail: I can see 8 or so emails, and compose from the page. If you haven't tried Gmail, why not? It's only the coolest email ever.

Craigslist monitor: Since we now have craigslist in Hickory (!!!) , this is the coolest. You can add 3 pages on craigslist that it will watch and inform you any time they add something.

Google Bookmarks: Because everyone needs bookmarks.

Google Calendar: Best calendar I've ever found. Makes it super easy to switch between day, week, month or whatever. On the igoogle page, it shows as a month, with the day highlighted, and a list of everything that I have to do that day.

Quick Blog: I haven't used this yet, but it lets me post short blog entries from my home page.

Wikipedia: Just a search box, but I love it.

Picasa Web Photos: In addition to providing a link to my photos, it shows a random slideshow of all the pictures I have there.

Weather: I don't like to search for weather...this just shows me nice and easy.

Reuters Oddly Enough: Can always be counted on to give me 3 unusual stories a day.

Myspace quick login: Because I hate the sign in page on myspace. It takes forever to load, just so I can login. This skips that step.

Google Notebook: Handy as a place to dump any info I need to hold onto.

Google Dual Mode Calculator: COOL COOL COOL. It has a regular calculator, or a google calculator, where you can type such things as "half a cup in teaspoons" and get the answer "24 US teaspoons".

Change Document to PDF:Only occasionally handy, and self explanatory.

Search Boxes for IMDB, Ebay, the White Pages and the Yellow Pages: Just search boxes to save me time.

Google Docs: Are you the kind of person who does some work at home and some at work? Do you have different programs, or get sick of having to carry jump drives back and forth? Enter google docs. It lets you create and/or save spreadsheets, text files and powerpoint type presentations. Then, you can get them from anyone.

There is nothing that I need to do on the internet that I cannot see or access from the very first page that comes up when I click on firefox. Awesome!

Do you know of any other cool gadgets that I can't live without?

PS-Allison and I were discussing the fabulous feeling we both experience linking. What is it about links that makes me so happy?


Allison said...

Linking-It makes you feel whole inside.

On my Igoogle I have a random LOLCat generator. And an Eiffel Tower Webcam.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I just started using my igoogle.......and I am addicted to the games!

Google reader, however, has me checking out waaaay to many blogs now!!haha