Friday, May 16, 2008


I took a few personality/career tests. Most of what I found wasn't surprising. I took 3 tests. One said I should be a performer. The other two said I should be a boss, basically, but ranked me high on performer and creative endeavors.

The test that provided the above graphic said that I would be 100% matched to a management position and 90% matched with media and entertainment.

I think this all points to Jon and I going into business together. He would love a boss, I like to be a boss, and there would still be room for my creative talents. What's ascary about that is, it's scary. Who knows if it will work. I have a nice steady income now. However, we have till January, so perhaps we could start over the summer, and prepare ourselves. I'm still open to other ideas, but these tests made me feel better.

I think if our well being, and my ability to shop, were hanging in the balance, I would for sure bust my butt and it would be successful. What do you think?

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