Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My new job

My new job should be the same as the old one. I'm teaching the same amount of classes, with the same hours, and they're only 12 miles apart. However, at my old job, my stomach hurt every day on the way to work. I couldn't sleep at night. I was constantly miserable. Here, I look forward to going to work. My tummy is just fine, and I sleep great. The people here are awexome. The grownups, I mean. I think that is the difference, but I am such a happy camper. It's a shame the 2 jobs go together. I kind of wish I didn't have to quit, but I simply cannot allow going back to that terrible place to be an option. I don't think it is actually terrible...just terrible for me. But since I'm me, that's bad enough, you know? So I can't go back...and it's a shame that I'll have to leave here as part of the bargain.


I know that they are horribly dorky...but I was just a kid when they were popular, and I had it all...the sleeping bag, the t aunt even had their autographs. I try to explain to Jon that things that were just really bad awful to him when he was 17 were really cool to me when I was 9. So...I probably still have a little crush on Joey.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heath Ledger

This is the last portrait of Heath Ledger. It is by artist Vincent Fantauzzo. I really like it. I'm really irritated with the media right now...I don't think Heath's death was well handled at all. If there were drugs lying around, then fine, but now they're saying there weren't any...just some perscriptions in cabinets. So why drag his name through the mud? What did he ever do besides be really hot and really good at his craft? I mean...just watch some of his movies. Dude was flawless.

On a personal note...Friday night McGuires was awesome. It was fun, and I made lots of money. And karaoke was fun too...although I wish a few more people would come. One thing I'm missing...a little rest. My play, the really truly story of the 3 little pigs, is going well, but it does all add up to me doing a bit too much...but the play will open soon, and it will all be better. My mother in law is making costumes for the play, and dear lord they are cute! I've never seen such costumes. My mother in law is quite awesome on lots of levels.

I love my new school still. It's very nice to be back around people that I know and love. And I'm working with Nathan Crabtree, who is super talented, creative, and quite lovely. He's the music teacher, and I've always found my job much more enjoyable when the music teacher is cool. Also working again with Melanie and Mona, and they are my buddies. And, I get to sleep an extra 20 minutes. Or cuddle and extra 20 minutes, which I did today.

Allison...I missed you terribly last night...and your team was winning the whole time...till the last question, where they simply didn't bid enough. 2nd place though...and Roger played with Matt and Mike cause you weren't there and Roger's folks weren't there. But, there were 3 new teams that seemed like they'll come back. And the big table with all the blonds...they didn't come. I hope they weren't upset by the article in the paper.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some advice

If you teach in elementary school, try really hard to avoid appearing in the newspaper with "drinkers turn to thinkers" right next to picture.


I ran out of time to scan it all. If I get time later, I'll try to get the rest of the page. Also, I've got no photo editing software at school, so it looks a little crappy. Sorry about that. Also, Allison, your picture wouldn't fit in the scan, but I'll see what I can do about that.

I love how they have a picture of me next to "DRINKERS". And by love, I mean not so much.
The last line in the article is that Roger doesn't believe me that Trivia was a goddess of the crossroads. That guy thinks he knows everything and drives me nuts.
To prove my point:
There are lots of other links I could put up, but I do feel that this makes my point. I printed out about 4 different places that prove my point to show that joker next week.

Front Page

That's right! That's where I am...the front page of Hickory Daily Record! AWESOME! There's a whole page article about my trivia and buffalo wild wings trivia. Allison-get a paper, cause there's a picture of you too! I tried to link to the website so you could read it, but they don't put all their articles online, and it isn't there. Oh well. Just get a copy!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This picture

I love this picture. You have Allison over there, looking hot and thrilled to have won the game. And Mike, who looks fairly amused. That guy on the right...I don't know him. Talked to him for the first time that night, but he knew Matt, so he played too. I love the grin on his face. But my favorite is Matt, who looks slightly amused, but overall unhappy about the whole thing. He promised that next week, when he wins again, he'll smile.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh and...

Oh! And...I'll be bartending at McGuires on Fridays for a bit. I figure, I'm stuck in town because of Karaoke, and this way, I'll make good money, hanging out where I'd be hanging out for free. We'll see how it goes, but come see me Friday!

so far

So far, so good. I love love love this place. And, I left my house a full 25 minutes later than normal, and had time time spare getting here. The kids seem great. We have a fabulous space to work in, and the staff has been super friendly. I'm a happy girl, ladies and gentlemen.

So-Hickory Daily Record came last night to Trivia...they took pictures and interviewed people. Keep you eye out for the article, coming perhaps Thursday. I hope it's good. It could of course say "Terrible. Why would anyone want to go there?" But I don't think so. I'm feeling great about it.

Go to under trivia to see the winners!


So my first day is school is now, and my room is beautiful and my powerpoint is ready. I'm going to make it may goal to use some sort of visual on the computer/tv with each class. More later! Kids coming!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My most mentioned topic...

The place was packed. The bartender made an obscene amount of money, and everyone had fun. This is cool. I can't wait to do it again.


This is a picture Allison took of Bertha. Bertha likes to play fetch. And by "likes to", I mean absoulutely lives and breathes for the next moment that she can chase a golf ball across the yard. She loves to run and get it, sometimes trying to catch it in her mouth...but my favorite part is when she can't find it. She has a very methodical searching method. As long as she smells something before you throw it, she can find anything. My old friends Tim and Lavier used to live in a house with several huge oak trees in the yard. There were thousands of acorns, just a real mess of them. But she always found the same one. She's got a nose on her. Which is good, cause I'm worried about her eyes. She doesn't seem to see very well. Anyway...if we're outside at all, she obsesively carries around a golf ball in her she can be ready the very second we're ready to play. I really like this picture because it really gets her little personality.
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My best friend

More later. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008


Today is the first of my last days here. All the kids I see today, I won't again. And, it's looking like it might S N O W on Thursday. Which would be the coolest. I need an extra workday to move, and that would give it to me. I'm not sad, and I feel a little guilty. Check out my boxes...I've added even more since I took the picture.

Later-Karaoke pictures, and I'll blog about it too. Spoiler alert-It was AWESOME.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Karaoke (Again...sorry)

It came! Yay! I got home from school yesterday and our friend Chris was at my house and he already had my system mostly set up! That was a great surprise. So I played, and sang some's going to be difficult to figure it all out, but I can, of course, do it. Then, we went to McGuires for dinner where we saw our good friend Matt. Matt said that he and his other friend were going to Ham's for Karaoke, mostly to see a girl. Well, we tagged along, because I really want to see everyone else's set up, and how they run things. I saw another friend there, and I was telling him about my new system, and the karaoke guy overheard me. I thought he'd be ill at the competetion, but instead he said "Want a job?" He's talking perhaps Fridays at Ham's, and he also has great it would be a great way to get some additional jobs. This thing might work out after all. So, cool!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I just haven't been very motivated to blog lately. It's not exactly that I'm lazy...just haven't really had any news, and didn't feel like talking about anything.

I'm now directing a cute kids play at Hickory Community Theatre. And half of my karaoke stuff came last night. I'm expecting the rest Thursday.

Trivia was fun, but Allison didn't get back in time from visiting her mom, and I missed her.

Other than that...same old thing. But, only 7 days left at this school, counting today. And that means only 1 or 2 classes left with each different group. Cool.

Oh-I've started watching The Wire. My friend Matt let us borrow season 1, which we're almost finished with. It's awesome. It's a cop show, and I love those, but it's about drug trade in the ghettos of Baltimore. Really good stuff. They're in season 5 now, so we have lots of entertainment coming our way. I love it when I get into a good show that I can watch on DVD.

Karaoke Saturday!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


My website is almost done. There is some minor design tweaking to do, but for the most part, I'm done!

I feel better now. :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I've been lazy and haven't even thought of blogging lately. Sorry. Christmas was swell, then we went to the mountains, which was swell, and had a really good New Year. Back to the grind tomorrow. I'm currently experiencing a flippy stomach because I keep thinking about work and it makes me feel very anxious and worried.

I made a website. Although the design isn't finished. Jon is working on pictures that I'll incorporate in the design, but that will have to come in the next week. Should be very nice soon.

Click here for Christmas pictures.

Can't wait for Trivia to start back.