Thursday, December 31, 2009

My sister's wedding

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Top 10 of the decade

*Let's all just pretend that I didn't stop blogging for a month.

Seems to be pretty obligatory that I write this post, and as I start writing it, I only know 2 or 3 things on the list. I'm guessing the rest will flow. I'll start off by just saying what I was up to 10 years ago. I had been away at school for 5 months, ASU, and I was home for Christmas break. I was 18, very studious, and extremely messy (sorry Allison). Instead of ranking my top 10 in order of importance, I'm doing this chronologically.

1: I figured out who Carmen is. I really needed to get out on my own and make some mistakes, and pay for those mistakes before I figured out who I am. I started doing that in college, year one, and I suppose I still am...although I have a pretty good idea these days.

2: Started a lifelong friendship with Allison, who became my roommate and best friend about 7 months into the decade. I talk about her a lot on this blog, and you can read her list here. She just got engaged, and I'm tickled for her.

3: I developed a work ethic, which has held steady, and I also learned that not only do I not have to think inside the box....there actually is no box. This discovery really enabled me to come into my own.

4: I started teaching, taught for 4 years, then quit teaching. All 3 of those things were good. Quitting, maybe the best now that I think about it. Of course 112 teachers lost their jobs in this county this year, so had I not quit, I'm not sure I would have a job anyway.

5: I got my dog. I always used to think that people who never shut up about their dogs were dumb...I mean, it's just a dog. But then I got Bertha, and she made my whole life better. Every day, she cheers me up a thousand times, and tells me what she is thinking about just as clearly as some English speakers I know. I love her, and she changed my life.

6: Got married and divorced. Again, both good. I really learned a lot about myself and human nature during those 3 years. I hurt my ex husband, and I regret that, but there are things you can't learn in school, and I learned them in that marriage. People, don't get married at 21.

7:  I moved to Hickory. I lived in several towns growing up, and I was determined to settle down. I really like it here. Clearly, I'm surrounded by people I like, and I've also learned what people to avoid.

8: I met Jon Eckard, then I married him, almost that quickly. What followed has been the best 2 1/2 years of my life so far.  I can't explain all the ways that he has changed my life, but he has. I love him very, very much, and I'm tickled that I get to keep him forever.

9: I had sort of a natural revolution, where in I simplified my life and cut out most chemically based additions to it. I still drink coca cola though, although I know it isn't good for me. Things are better since I've done that, and I have overcome most of my ailments.

10: I fixed my relationship with my dad. It took approximately 2 decades to screw up, and one to fix. It is a lot easier to be a happy person when you're on good terms with both parents.

I realize this is kind of a boring list, but I assure you the decade has been a doozy.

I feel like I am standing on wonderfully solid ground, and I'm ready to face many more decades. Unless the world ends in 2012.

Happy New Years!