Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Morning World!

I'm in good spirits. It's already Friday! These weeks fly by remarkably fast.

I made pimento cheese for snack day today...and my mixer made it awesome! The whole process took 15 minutes. It took me about 4 minutes to grate 3 blocks of cheese because an attachment my mom gave me does it all. I'll make that all the time now! Cleaning up was the hardest part.

Working at McGuires tonight. It should be fun. Doug will be out of town for the next 2 Fridays, after this one, which will leave me working with who knows who...that makes me nervous. What if they get on my nerves? Lots of people do, you know.

Watched my first American Idol of the season last night. (Thanks Allison). The guy with the dreads is so cute I just want to squeeze him, but really, they should just declare that kid the winner and save everyone some time. Allison said he got more votes than everyone...EVERYONE (even the girls) COMBINED! I mean, wow. He's good though.

I miss Jon. It's the little things that make me keep realizing how much better it is when he's here. Like, when my alarm went off, I tried to roll over to cuddle with him, but no one was there, and I was irritated.

Come home fast, Jon!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good news!

Good news! I'm stupid. All you have to do is plug your speaker cable into your ipod. That's cool.

The newspaper article

Who knew? This was online the whole time. I was just looking in the wrong place. :) Click the title to see the orginal, although I copied the whole thing.

Bar Exams: Trivia nights turn drinkers into thinkers

By Ragan Robinson
Record Staff Writer
Question: How can you leave a bar smarter than when you went in?
Answer: You probably can’t. But you can try.
In a couple of Hickory hot spots, beer takes a backseat to trivia.
At Buffalo Wild Wings, where video trivia lets patrons play against people across the nation, a corner table fills with aficionados of useless information almost every afternoon. The restaurant/bar plans live question-and-answer contests weekly starting Feb. 11. That is, when football season’s finished.
At McGuire’s Pub, where CNN (instead of sports) plays on the two not-so-big-screen TVs, the hardcore connoisseurs rate obscure facts higher than football.
This Monday wasn’t the first they spent vying for first-place in a two-hour contest. Hostess Carmen Eckard says 30 to 40 people usually join in. This week drew about 25. And they all tried their hands at the game, even 24-year-old Justin McKinnon and 25-year-old Herb Fleschner. They came in for food and ended up huddled over glasses of Pabst Blue Ribbon, trying to figure out what the mnemonic device “two old angels skipped over heaven carrying ancient harps” is supposed to help you remember. (It’s used in math to remember the equations for Tangent, Sine and Cosine: Tangent = Opposite/Adjacent; Sine = Opposite/Hypotenuse; Cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse.)
Luckily for them, there were a couple of football questions, too.
Eckard researches questions, presents them to players and tallies the scores. She’s such a fan of trivia that she agrees to get paid in McGuire’s gift certificates. If she didn’t lead the game, Eckard says she’d just be sitting around the bar asking her friends the same questions, anyway.
But then Roger Golightly might not be arguing with her answers. He’s a regular on trivia night. Usually, he’s got a crowd, but this week he was playing solo under the team name “Left-out Lamont*,” a little piece of classic TV trivia in itself.
“I have a BA and PhD in philosophy,” says Golightly. “I know everything that’s unimportant.”
The futile facts stuck in his head kept him in first place until the final two rounds, when team “No Love” pulled into the No. 1 slot. Austin Lutz was one member of the four-person team. He’s a regular for trivia night.
“I guess people come just to test their knowledge,” he said, admitting, “There’s probably a little arrogance in it.”
Bartender Doug Rockett is sure of that.
“Any way you can say, ‘I’m better than you,’ that’s what we all like to do,” he insists.
Across town at Buffalo Wild Wings, self-described trivia-holic Bob Bates swears the video trivia he plays almost every day keeps his mind sharp and helps him learn new things. He just can’t remember any of them at the moment.
Jeff Sigmon chimes in to help. He’s there about twice a week from around 3 p.m. until his wife calls to tell him to come home.
“We learned the Indian word for water is Minneapolis — or something like that,” Sigmon says.
OK, so maybe it’s the social aspect of the game that keeps them coming back. At their table, answers fly through the crowd (four people on Tuesday but often the six-seat table overflows). When Bob knows he’s right, he sometimes even insists his fellow players change their choices.
If they do well enough, Buffalo Wild Wings gets ranked among the top venues in the nation.
“We’ve been No. 1 many times,” Bob says.
John Bruen used to see Buffalo’s on the leader board when he played in Cornelius. That’s why, when he moved to Hickory, he headed straight for this bar. Bob and the gang immediately invited him to their table.
“There’s a fellowship that comes with this,” Bruen says. “As soon as I knew I could come here and play the game, I felt at home again.”

Golightly named his one-man team after the season three episode of “Sanford and Son,” entitled “Wine, Women and Aunt Esther.”
More proof of Golightly’s useless knowledge:
“‘Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well’ is a misquote. The actual quote, which Golightly spouts without so much as a scratch of the head: “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorr’d in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.”
The word “trivia” comes from the Roman “tri via,” for crossroads, where there was information that may or may not be of use. (He doesn’t think Eckard’s right about Trivia being the goddess of the crossroads.)

Stupid Ipod!

Did you know that you have to have itunes to play songs from your ipod on a computer? Did you know that every other MP3 player isn't like that? So you may say, "download itunes, silly". Except you can't download programs at school. So, the result is there isn't any way for me to play my ipod songs in class unless I get a speaker for it. Since I paid for the songs, I think that sucks.

I already miss my husband. :(

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is old, but maybe you haven't seen it. :)

Because there haven't been pictures for a while...

I love this picture for some reason.


This morning, all the way to school, it was snowing! It won't stick, cause it's 37 degrees, but it was big beautiful flakes, just drifting down real slow like. First, it snowed for 20 seconds or so, and I was looking for a truck maybe that it was blowing off of...but a mile down the road, it started in steady, and didn't stop. The kids are insane.

Let me take a minute to say...I now love my job. It's this new school. Lots of things here make it better, but 4 main things: 1-The people I work with are really friendly which is not typical of a school environment. You try working with 60 ladies, and see how friendly it is. But here, everyone is precious and sweet. 2-I have technology coming out my rear end here. If I can think it, I can do it, which is awesome. 3-There is a huge window in my room that faces the hall, and everyone walking by can see in my class. I can't put my finger on why I love this, but I do. 4-the kids-it's a much poorer area than anywhere else I've been...but the kids are hungry, and I do mean hungry, for anything I can give them. Especially technology and fun-they don't seem to have enough fun in their lives.

So perhaps my new goal is to stay here and teach computers half time. There are 2 computer labs, which is enough to have a computer it's all a mattter of legality I think. With Bush, and NCLB, I have to be "highly qualified" to teach, which I am. It just means you have the right college degree. But it's possible that I'd have to have a computer degree, although maybe not, since it's half time at elemetary level. I don't know. But that would be cool.

This job, though, keeps me exhausted. I've been doing warmups in each class, which basically consists of 7 minutes of excercize or so each class. But it's spurts of really high energy stuff, and then I teach class, but it gets me all hyped. By the end of the day, I'm so tired and emotionally drained. Not good. Last night I was a wreck...crying and being cranky, and I couldn't even figure out what was wrong. I was looking in the freezer trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and the "stress" of picking made me cry. What is that all about? Poor Jon.

Speaking of poor Jon, he's leaving for Boston tomorrow. :( I have no interest whatsoever in 4 days without him here. I really like him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Writers Block

There isn't much going on for me to write about right now. Well, there are LOTS of things going on, but they're mostly my various jobs.

I am leaning a little towards continuing to teach. If I can stay at this rocking awesome school.

I have the best husband in the world. Really. It seems to be a real goal of his to make my life better, and he does. He's going out of town for the weekend, though. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, maybe some quiet alone time will be good. On the other hand, and this hand seems a little more important...I miss that guy when I'm at school and I'm not excited about several days without him. Oh well. I guess I'll live.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To anyone who worked at Horn In The West

If you worked with me at should find this hilarious!

Ok Allison

Allison says it's time for a new blog. Problem is, I don't have much to say.
I've been sick. This past weekend was terrible...I could hardly talk, and the week didn't get better. I missed school on Tuesday, and part of the day Monday. Jon woke up sick this morning...or shall I say got sick in the middle of the night, and then couldn't properly sleep.

I read this book Diary last night by Chuck Palinuik. Great book. I've loved everything I've read by him. I also watched the eclipse, and recorded it as well. It was really pretty, but around 10:15, right when it was supposed to be the best, we got covered in clouds. Oh well.

Maybe more later if I think of something to say.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sorry I took a week off!

It's been a very extraordinarily busy week. I will write this in hopes that in the future I will remember:
It is not a good idea to work as a teacher, a bartender, and a children's play director while hosting karaoke and trivia and trying to be a good wife. It doesn't leave time for any of the things that aren't those things.

I found a cool feature on my camera, which will be much cooler with outdoor pictures, but I don't have any of here you go:

I just looked at this post, and the webpage cuts off part of these pictures. To see the whole thing, just click on them. :)

This is my classroom, nearly the whole wrap around view. Now, because there are so many straight lines, this looks kind of crappy. was super easy and I'll be able to do great things outside!

This is backstage at my play:

That one was a combination of about 5 photos. The classroom was about 7. Keeping it to 5 seems to work better.

Here is my living room, although it's super dark. I don't have the right things to fix it at school:

Perhaps I'll fix it up at home and repost.

My play is going swimmingly. Almost done. (Awesome. It's been fun, but I'm always ready for it to be over.)

School is still excellent. I'm super busy, but always surprised at how quickly the weeks go by.

Karaoke was lonely last week, but perhaps better tomorrow.

Bartending is very lucrative.

Jon is the best husband a girl like me could ever dream of. He is so supportive when I over commit like this...he picks up all the slack, and that's awesome.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I gave a girl a camera

I gave a girl a camera today while I was telling the story Where the Wild Things Are. Below are 5 small reasons I love my job.

And how cool is this huge TV? I can do anything with this sucker!

I've been taking lots of pictures for my school website: HERE!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ally the photog

Isn't this picture cool? I'm all the time seeing my hubby and my best friend with the cameras to their faces. :)

Monday, February 04, 2008


Know what isn't fair? When someone who doesn't watch football...hates it actually, wins the superbowl bet. That's what happened last night...Jon and I won $50. Totally unfair, since we didn't even understand what we were betting on. I just picked a square randomly. And most people put $10-$15 in...I put in $2. You could win $25 for each quarter, and $50 for final score. That's what we won. So, profit margin of $48 on a game I hate...I'm happy. :)