Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My dog

My dog has been very naughty. She's been not wanting to go outside to pee, mainly, I think, because of the rain. So then she pees inside, with doesn't really go over well. Tonight when we were out for an hour or so she got into the trashcan, and ate all the leftover potatoes from dinner. I can understand that if we hadn't shared, but we'd given her some bites of our meat. Totally uncalled for. So when we left her again, for another brief outing, we put her in the crate. She had climbed right out somehow by the time we got home. She's a remarkably smart dog and I'm pretty sure she's being as obnoxious as possible on purpose.

But look how cute she is.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


OK-so I love Google. Without going into too much detail, they have so many programs that work flawlessly with each other. An example...I started using Picasa as my photo program, and right there underneath the pictures it said "blog this". One click, and I'm posting a picture of where I went snorkeling this summer. Cool, right? My suggestions to make the most of google: First, you have to have gmail, and an igoogle page. That's where it all comes together neatly for you to look at. The calendar is fabulous. Easily editable, printable, easy to change your view. Google Documents is awesome. You can save document to your google account, in a word processing program, or you can upload from your existing word processor to use at another computer. Blogger, of course, is cool. You can set yourself up a free website that is easy to edit. Picasa, my new toy, seems fabulous, and it comes with an easy to work with photo's all just seamless. rock. I heart you.

Overheard through the walls


Man: Owwww!

(Jon and I laughing.)

Man: Hey-

Woman: Ha! Ha! (Hysterically laughing)

At around midnight, nothing could be funnier. The walls are thick. I wonder what was going on. :)

Reintroduction to an Old Friend

So, I have this old friend. We were, once upon a time, very very good friends. I've never been the type of person to include many people on my list of "friends", and once you're there, you usually stay there. About a year ago, I made the difficult decision to stop being friends with this person. The reasons were complex, and it was a very very difficult decision for me. Ultimately, what I try to live by is this-there are only a certain about of days that you get to live, and finite hours in each day, so why associate with people who bring you down? There are lots of ways to bring someone down, and I had a major housecleaning last year, to surround myself with positive people. As a result, I stopped hanging out with a bunch of folks...but this one person I've missed.

I really like to try to help people, especially people I love. this often leads to me being taken advantage of. That's unfortunate, but true. You would think I'd learn , beecause I go through this over and over again. I will always help those true friends of mine when they need help. So what happens when one of those people always needs help? I drown in it. I go overboard, and inevitably get screwed.

So, Friday night this person walked into McGuires, and back into my life. It was really great talking to him...he and Jon had never met, so there was much catching up to do. But...I'm a little nervous. I can't imagine that we will be as close as we once were, but I'm simply not up for getting screwed over agin. How do you let a person know that while you want to be friends with them, you will not be taken advantage of? Is there a way to say that? I feel like a real friend wouldn't want to take advantage of me to begin with. We taked briefly about the demise of our previus liason. He apologized, and we spoke of how our friendship had reached a boiling point, and we needed to be away from each other. It seemed healthy.

So what now? Is it worth another shot? I'll never give him a single penny ever again. I think he knows he should never ask for it.

Allison, I'm very interested in your thougths on this, as you know him and have had similar experienes. We can talk about it in person, however. You know that old saying..."Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"? That's what I'm scared of. I'll be a fool if I get taken for a ride again. Alternately, I have had many many very fun times with said person.

On a side favorite Bush quote is him trying to quote what I just said. Instead, he said "Fool me once shame on you...fool me twice, can't can't fool me again." Classic, and he sounded very silly when he said it.

What do I do?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Post Trivia

I had so much fun tonight. The crowd was much bigger, for the second week in a row. We're getting regulars, but new people each night too. It's weird, but it's often the highlight of my week. I love that Jon and Allison both come religiously. I really appreciate it, you two. I'm always really comfortable, and people really seem to have fun. Anyone who lives around should really come out. And bring a friend. My goal is to pack it out, every table occupied. Hope I'll see you next Monday at McGuires, in downtown Hickory.

Who are you guys?

Statcounter is awesome. I learned today that people actually read my blog. not a lot of people, but it makes it worth writing. Mostly, people from Hickory...probably Katie and Allison, really...but either one person who comes back, or several people from Morganton. Hello people from there! You should leave me a comment!

I still haven't finished my play...I'm being a lazy pants. Went out for a while, looked at MySpace.
But-it's trivia night and I love that night so much. I wish everyone I know would come. I hope it's fun for everyone else...but let's face it. It's tons of fun for me. I get a microphone and everyone's undivided attention. How cool is that? Perfect for a person like me. I hope I'll see you all tonight...back to writing my play.


This is my husband, Jon. Isn't he pretty? He is really good, in any sense of the word that I've been able to think of.


Know what's awesome? A work day that I don't work. Today has been nice. My weekend was a little hectic so this is great. I've just finished this week's trivia questions, and now I have to finish writing "How the Grinch stole the Christmas Concert". Fun, right?

Trivia tonight!!! You should come!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi Katie, and thoughts on the rain.

Welcome to my blog Katie Bonk! Thanks for reading. It's better to write if I know more than one person will read this.

So, it's been raining for a couple of days now, and that's well and good. Heard on the radio this morning that this is the worst drought since NC has been recording weather in the 1800s. Also heard this. Think about that really tall Bank of America building in Charlotte...the one you can see from Concord. Now, imagine you standing next to it. If you are the amount of water that it's rained this week, then the building is the amount that we're still down for the year. Discouraging, no?

Car duty in the rain this morning=not fun at all. We got really backed up, and I had to run around in the pouring rain to open lots of soaking wet. Oh well. At least my hair is curly so it didn't get messed up.

Happy weekend, all!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maybe my last post today. Maybe.

Am I in the picture? I can't tell.


I was just looking through Allison's pictures and found an awesome one from my wedding that I thought should go here. Jon and I got married on a rooftop in downtown Hickory, and this is the movie theatre from a rooftop.'re so good. :)

50 things you may or may not know about me.

50 Things About Me

1: I’m Carmen.
2: I just got married about 4 months ago.
3: I married Jon after knowing him for 5 months, making everyone I know think I’m crazy.
4: I’m not. Best decision I ever made.
5: I live next door to my best best friend, Allison, who may be the only person who ever reads this blog. She’s cool.
6: I bought a condo about a year ago, and I almost have it exactly the way I want it.
7: I have a super cool dog, Bertha.
8: I have a kind of cool cat, Cheddar.
9: I teach drama (hence the title) at an elementary school. I think I like it.
10: I’m a NC Teaching Fellow, in my last obligatory year of teaching.
11: I’m not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up.
12: I love my local community theatre, although I’m feeling a little unimportant and disposable these days.
13: I love to direct plays.
14: When I’m not directing, I like to act.
15: I’m kind of an attention addict.
16: That’s why I love to be in my photographer husband’s pictures.
17: I love to cook, and Allison and Jon love it when I cook too.
18: I’ve given up shaving and sworn my undying devotion to waxing.
19: I really like to read.
20: JD Salinger is my favorite, followed by Jack Kerouac and Chuck Palahniuk. And Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Institute Books.
21: I’ve turned off my cable, and I really don’t care if it ever comes back.
21: There are some shows I like, however. I watch them on DVD. Monk. Dexter (I’m catching the new ones at my friend Dave’s house). Family Guy. Arrested Development. 6 Feet Under.
22: I’m a preacher’s kid. Kind of. I’m a preacher’s step kid.
23: I have 1 sister, 5 stepbrothers (3 belong to my step dad and 2 belong to my step mom) and one brother in law.
24: My brother and law and 1 stepbrother have the same name, which is weird, because it is a weird name. Thad.
25: I used to really love butterflies, but now I think they’re just OK, so please stop buying them for me.
26: I grew up in Sanford, NC, which used to be the brick capital of the world. Now it’s just the brick capital of the USA.
27: Then, I lived in Concord.
28: Then, I lived in Landis.
29: Then, I lived in China Grove, where I went to South Rowan High School.
30: Then, I went to college at Appalachian, where Allison was my roommate. (To save Ally from commenting on that, I did go one lonely sad year without her there. My roommate was NOT worth mentioning.) While I'm proud of the football team and all, I'd never go to a game. I HATE football.
31: My mom then moved to Greensboro, so while I never actually lived there, it’s kind of like home.
32: I majored in theatre and worked at Horn in the West and Tweetsie Railroad while in Boone. I played Annie Oakley at Tweetsie.
33: After graduation, I moved to Hickory, and I love Hickory.
34: There was a sad period of a few months before Allison moved to Hickory too, but all is well now.
35: One day, I’ll move to Saba, in the Netherland Antilles.
36: I have blond curly hair, and I’m finally cool with the fact that it’s curly. No sense fighting it. I feel much more complete now that I’ve stopped fighting it, which is kind of weird, since it’s just hair. It’s made a big difference in my life.
37: I have big blue eyes and one has a polka dot in it. It’s brown.
38: My eyelashes are long, but blond.
39: I had a wreck when I was 5, and it split my head open. It left a scar, but the actual scar doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is this: the scar cuts across my forehead, and cuts through my right eyebrow. When my face is neutral, everything is hunky dory. When I smile, my eyebrows are totally crooked and it pisses me off. No one else seems to be bothered by this.
40: My teeth are OK now, but growing up I had a gap as big as another tooth between my front teeth. I had several surgeries and braces for years to correct it, but it’s trying to come back.
41: I like my body. That’s the first time I could really say that. I think it’s just fine. I particularly like my rear end. And my boobs. My tummy could use a little work.
42: I wear black at school. I’m amused by this.
43: I’m really creative. I even won “Most Creative” in my senior class.
44: I’m messy. Very messy. But Jon isn’t, so that’s good.
45: I’m a Virgo.
46: If you’re into Chinese Astrology, I’m a cock.
47: When I read the placemats at Chinese restaurants when I was young, I always saw that it said I should marry an Oxen, but I thought…I’m not going to date someone who is 8 years older than I am, and I’m certainly not going to date younger. But, I married Jon, who is an Ox, and like I said before, great choice.
48: I try to eat as organically as possible.
49: Every Monday night, I run a trivia game at McGuires, and you should come!
50: I want you to comment on my blog so I don’t think no one reads it. If you’re reading this, and you’re not Allison, let me know. Allison, that doesn’t mean you can’t comment…but I feel like I’m yelling into the canyon and I want to know if anyone can hear me.

Rain Dance again

So, the rain dance was a very big hit. And it has rained and rained. Just thought I'd post a picture.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Across the Universe

Do yourself a favor and go see Across the Universe. If you haven't heard about's a proper musical with all Beatles songs. All of the songs are sung by characters in the movie, and they all make sense. Beautiful. Really. I had to go to Greensboro to see it, and I didn't mind. It's also playing in Charlotte. I may drive to Charlotte just to see it again.

Particularly beautiful-Let it Be, Hey Jude, Dear Prudence.

It is a must see if you have even passing interest in the Beatles or in musicals. Since I love both, I was really in heaven. It was the kind of movie where even though I really had to pee, I sat there without getting up. Man oh man.

Rain Dance

So, until yesterday, I was only minorly worried about the whole no rain thing. But then, my kids at school started mentioning how low the lake was. They all live right around lake Norman, so I asked one student how low it was. He said "Well, there is one place that is always over my dad's head and he is 6'3''. Now, the water comes to my mom's knees. Oh my God! How big is that lake...can you imagine how much water isn't there? Atlanta is fearing that they will run out of drinking water soon. It's scary. Last night, in a state of paranoia, a friend and I discussed the possibility of global warming making it so it just doesn't rain. I mean, what if...and if not now, what if it happens in 20 years? I mean, come on now, we need water.

So, with my little kids today, the music teacher and I did a rain dance. First, we talked about why rain is important, then we made a giant list of what we can do to conserve water. Then, we went outside and I taught them a rain dance. Each child had a percussion instrument, and it was way way fun. And, it rained. Not a lot, but a little. I've done this 4 times today...4 more tomorrow, and we'll have covered K-3. What fun. It seems that the least I can do is raise the awareness of 400 little kids. That has to help somehow, right?

Monday, October 22, 2007


I think that waxing is the solution to all life's problems. Well, maybe not all of them, but at least all that involve hair where you don't want it.

I have very coarse, very thick, deep hair on my legs that grows superfast. If you're one of those people who only has to shave once a week, you don't need to read this, and I hate you. A lot. My legs need to be shaved 2 times a day , and even when they're freshly shaved, you can still see these gnarly black hairs growing underneath. My legs are so white that they're nearly transparent, and my legs were just never good. And at any given point, I had at least 10 ingrown hairs on my legs somewhere. I got razor burn all the time. My legs, in short, have been nothing but a big mess for years. 13 to be exact.

So, I tried nair, right...same problem. The hair is still taken off leaving the roots, so I instantly it starts growing back. And I still had the ingrown hair. And it stinks.

So, I got an electric razor, but that involved all the same problems, and wasn't any easier.

Finally, I went and bought some cheap wax at Target. I tried to do it myself. This, I don't recommend. I have a hard time ripping it off, inflicting the pain on myself. I happen to have a really cool husband who actually seems to like doing this for me. Even the cheap wax produced great results. I don't like the kind that you don't need a muslin strip, and I don't like the kind you can buy that is wax already on strips. I like the melt it, spread it, put muslin and rip kind.

I went to Sally's beauty supply over the weekend and bought a new toy. It's this wax warmer, with wax and all kinds of lotion and muslin strips. It has wooden applicators and all kinds of stuff. It's really really great. And, they had this lidocaine spray so you can numb yourself. It doesn't even hurt. And, it comes with a very detailed illustrated instruction book. Excellent.

So, my legs are hair-free, and they're staying that way. Next time I wax, it won't be so bad, and each time, your hair grows in thinner. Excellent!!

http This is my favorite brand!

Friday, October 19, 2007

First Post

I'm not sure why I've decided to write a blog. All the cool kids (like my bbf Ally) are doing it. So, I'm supposed to write about what is going on in my life...

Probably what I'm most excited about is that we're remodeling the bathroom in my condo. And by "we" I mean Jon, my wonderful husband. Our condo is pretty cute, and it's all designed in this Danish Modern style. I love it, and every day I come home and think "I'm so lucky". Until I have to pee. I mean, really. For a cute condo, the bathroom was really horrible. The man that owned the place before us...he was the fix everything as cheaply as possible kind of dude. The sink and the cabinet were awful, the toilet runs all the time, and there is a very bad paint job. I'll take the responsibility for that. I'm a terrible painter, and when I bought the place, I didn't know Jon. So I painted myself, and you would think by looking at the trim that I can't tell the difference in white and blue. So, right now, my bathroom is totally gutted. There is a toilet, and that's all. When Jon took off the mirror, we discovered a big gaping hole where there used to be a medicine cabinet. And when the last people installed the sink cabinet, they brilliantly cut off the baseboard, so there was a big hole there too. And the light, very ugly, was probably installed in 1968 when the place was built. So that's gone too. But...on to what we're doing in there. We're painting this goldish/greenish color. We're installing a super cool light. And the best part...a super dooper cool sink. We got this Danish Modern dresser, long and solid wood, and a beautiful gold colored glass sink. The sink sits on top of the dresser, with a pewter faucet that arches above it. All of this will be topped off with a beautiful old mirror. Jon should be finished soon, and I'll post a piture.

After that, it's on to the upstairs bathroom. Aren't good husbands a fabulous thing?