Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain Dance

So, until yesterday, I was only minorly worried about the whole no rain thing. But then, my kids at school started mentioning how low the lake was. They all live right around lake Norman, so I asked one student how low it was. He said "Well, there is one place that is always over my dad's head and he is 6'3''. Now, the water comes to my mom's knees. Oh my God! How big is that lake...can you imagine how much water isn't there? Atlanta is fearing that they will run out of drinking water soon. It's scary. Last night, in a state of paranoia, a friend and I discussed the possibility of global warming making it so it just doesn't rain. I mean, what if...and if not now, what if it happens in 20 years? I mean, come on now, we need water.

So, with my little kids today, the music teacher and I did a rain dance. First, we talked about why rain is important, then we made a giant list of what we can do to conserve water. Then, we went outside and I taught them a rain dance. Each child had a percussion instrument, and it was way way fun. And, it rained. Not a lot, but a little. I've done this 4 times today...4 more tomorrow, and we'll have covered K-3. What fun. It seems that the least I can do is raise the awareness of 400 little kids. That has to help somehow, right?

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Allison said...

It must have worked, your rain dance... I'm impressed.