Friday, October 19, 2007

First Post

I'm not sure why I've decided to write a blog. All the cool kids (like my bbf Ally) are doing it. So, I'm supposed to write about what is going on in my life...

Probably what I'm most excited about is that we're remodeling the bathroom in my condo. And by "we" I mean Jon, my wonderful husband. Our condo is pretty cute, and it's all designed in this Danish Modern style. I love it, and every day I come home and think "I'm so lucky". Until I have to pee. I mean, really. For a cute condo, the bathroom was really horrible. The man that owned the place before us...he was the fix everything as cheaply as possible kind of dude. The sink and the cabinet were awful, the toilet runs all the time, and there is a very bad paint job. I'll take the responsibility for that. I'm a terrible painter, and when I bought the place, I didn't know Jon. So I painted myself, and you would think by looking at the trim that I can't tell the difference in white and blue. So, right now, my bathroom is totally gutted. There is a toilet, and that's all. When Jon took off the mirror, we discovered a big gaping hole where there used to be a medicine cabinet. And when the last people installed the sink cabinet, they brilliantly cut off the baseboard, so there was a big hole there too. And the light, very ugly, was probably installed in 1968 when the place was built. So that's gone too. But...on to what we're doing in there. We're painting this goldish/greenish color. We're installing a super cool light. And the best part...a super dooper cool sink. We got this Danish Modern dresser, long and solid wood, and a beautiful gold colored glass sink. The sink sits on top of the dresser, with a pewter faucet that arches above it. All of this will be topped off with a beautiful old mirror. Jon should be finished soon, and I'll post a piture.

After that, it's on to the upstairs bathroom. Aren't good husbands a fabulous thing?

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Allison said...

I swear you better keep this up. If you promise to post at least twice a week (most weeks) then I will link to you off my blog. Not that it matters anyways since no one reads my blog.. except you..

I want a new bathroom too. :(