Thursday, October 25, 2007

50 things you may or may not know about me.

50 Things About Me

1: I’m Carmen.
2: I just got married about 4 months ago.
3: I married Jon after knowing him for 5 months, making everyone I know think I’m crazy.
4: I’m not. Best decision I ever made.
5: I live next door to my best best friend, Allison, who may be the only person who ever reads this blog. She’s cool.
6: I bought a condo about a year ago, and I almost have it exactly the way I want it.
7: I have a super cool dog, Bertha.
8: I have a kind of cool cat, Cheddar.
9: I teach drama (hence the title) at an elementary school. I think I like it.
10: I’m a NC Teaching Fellow, in my last obligatory year of teaching.
11: I’m not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up.
12: I love my local community theatre, although I’m feeling a little unimportant and disposable these days.
13: I love to direct plays.
14: When I’m not directing, I like to act.
15: I’m kind of an attention addict.
16: That’s why I love to be in my photographer husband’s pictures.
17: I love to cook, and Allison and Jon love it when I cook too.
18: I’ve given up shaving and sworn my undying devotion to waxing.
19: I really like to read.
20: JD Salinger is my favorite, followed by Jack Kerouac and Chuck Palahniuk. And Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Institute Books.
21: I’ve turned off my cable, and I really don’t care if it ever comes back.
21: There are some shows I like, however. I watch them on DVD. Monk. Dexter (I’m catching the new ones at my friend Dave’s house). Family Guy. Arrested Development. 6 Feet Under.
22: I’m a preacher’s kid. Kind of. I’m a preacher’s step kid.
23: I have 1 sister, 5 stepbrothers (3 belong to my step dad and 2 belong to my step mom) and one brother in law.
24: My brother and law and 1 stepbrother have the same name, which is weird, because it is a weird name. Thad.
25: I used to really love butterflies, but now I think they’re just OK, so please stop buying them for me.
26: I grew up in Sanford, NC, which used to be the brick capital of the world. Now it’s just the brick capital of the USA.
27: Then, I lived in Concord.
28: Then, I lived in Landis.
29: Then, I lived in China Grove, where I went to South Rowan High School.
30: Then, I went to college at Appalachian, where Allison was my roommate. (To save Ally from commenting on that, I did go one lonely sad year without her there. My roommate was NOT worth mentioning.) While I'm proud of the football team and all, I'd never go to a game. I HATE football.
31: My mom then moved to Greensboro, so while I never actually lived there, it’s kind of like home.
32: I majored in theatre and worked at Horn in the West and Tweetsie Railroad while in Boone. I played Annie Oakley at Tweetsie.
33: After graduation, I moved to Hickory, and I love Hickory.
34: There was a sad period of a few months before Allison moved to Hickory too, but all is well now.
35: One day, I’ll move to Saba, in the Netherland Antilles.
36: I have blond curly hair, and I’m finally cool with the fact that it’s curly. No sense fighting it. I feel much more complete now that I’ve stopped fighting it, which is kind of weird, since it’s just hair. It’s made a big difference in my life.
37: I have big blue eyes and one has a polka dot in it. It’s brown.
38: My eyelashes are long, but blond.
39: I had a wreck when I was 5, and it split my head open. It left a scar, but the actual scar doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is this: the scar cuts across my forehead, and cuts through my right eyebrow. When my face is neutral, everything is hunky dory. When I smile, my eyebrows are totally crooked and it pisses me off. No one else seems to be bothered by this.
40: My teeth are OK now, but growing up I had a gap as big as another tooth between my front teeth. I had several surgeries and braces for years to correct it, but it’s trying to come back.
41: I like my body. That’s the first time I could really say that. I think it’s just fine. I particularly like my rear end. And my boobs. My tummy could use a little work.
42: I wear black at school. I’m amused by this.
43: I’m really creative. I even won “Most Creative” in my senior class.
44: I’m messy. Very messy. But Jon isn’t, so that’s good.
45: I’m a Virgo.
46: If you’re into Chinese Astrology, I’m a cock.
47: When I read the placemats at Chinese restaurants when I was young, I always saw that it said I should marry an Oxen, but I thought…I’m not going to date someone who is 8 years older than I am, and I’m certainly not going to date younger. But, I married Jon, who is an Ox, and like I said before, great choice.
48: I try to eat as organically as possible.
49: Every Monday night, I run a trivia game at McGuires, and you should come!
50: I want you to comment on my blog so I don’t think no one reads it. If you’re reading this, and you’re not Allison, let me know. Allison, that doesn’t mean you can’t comment…but I feel like I’m yelling into the canyon and I want to know if anyone can hear me.


Katie said...

Hi Carmen! :)

Carmen Eckard said...

Hi Katie! Thanks!

Allison said...

hi carmen. oh wait, you know me. I like this one. these lists are always great because you can totally brag on yourself, and it's always good stuff. i'm glad you are happy. and all that stuff..

Dustin said...

I never noticed you had a scar!

Kelts said...

this is why i love you, carmen.

Dalena said...

Hi Carmen...I'm reading your blog! Love the list! ;o)