Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A heavy sigh of relief

This was one of the biggest reasons I voted for Obama. I didn't think he'd be able to do it, though, because *some people* were really making everything hard. But, yay! It's not perfect. But it is a lot better.  My favorite part: No denying or dropping for pre-existing conditions. 

Picture by the White House flickr feed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Up

Hickory Museum Of Art Calls For Artists For “Art On The Avenue” -
The Deadline Is April 1
Hickory - The Hickory Museum of Art is gearing up for its 9th annual ART ON THE AVENUE festival and is accepting applications for artists and artisans who would like to participate. The festival will be held on Saturday, May 1 from 10 AM to 4 PM on the SALT Block lawn behind the Museum. Interested applicants should contact Ann Hinson or Ronni Smith at 828-327-8576 to register no later than April 1.
Art on the Avenue is a popular, free family fun event.  It features artists and artisans who set up booths to display and sell their work. Many provide demonstrations and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages and interests.  There will also be children’s arts and crafts, animals, food, and music throughout the day.
This year, entertainer, educator and trivia host Carmen Eckard will be the festival’s emcee between 10 AM and noon. Eckard will also tell stories and coordinate youth performances. DANG! –  the instrumental funk – rock trio of Charlie Zagaroli (guitar), Milton Hawes (drums) and Chuck Feimster (bass) – will perform throughout the afternoon hours. A multi-generational transition will be presented by DANG! and audience members of all ages between noon and 12:30 PM.  
Last year, Art on the Avenue drew over 2,000 visitors and more than 30 artists participated. This year the Museum plans to accommodate more artists and expects an even larger attendance. This year’s Art on the Avenue festival is being sponsored in conjunction with the Hickory International Council’s Spring Fest (held at Union Square).

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Things I should mention:

1: I'm doing karaoke every week at Smokey Creek Barbeque, Friday nights at 6:30. It is very family friendly, and don't come if you want to drink.

2: Still doing trivia.

3: May 1 is the annual Art on the Avenue at the Hickory Museum of Art. I'll be the DJ.

4: I've started teaching full time high school drama for 2 months. I like it a great deal, but it is very different from what I expected. Did you know that in the hands of a high school girl, Facebook is  a very fierce weapon?

5: We're doing LOTS of photography. If you have any need for photography, let me know. We do lots of commercial work....product shots for catalogues and the internet.  We also do portraits and weddings. You can see our most recent work at

6: Maybe that is all...I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I have to do, but I love every bit of it, so I won't whine. Now, if you all cross your fingers, I may post again before 4 months go by.


I have fallen down on the job. I haven't updated anyone in quite some time, not even Twitter. I don't have an excuse. I just didn't feel like it. I still don't feel like writing a lot. However, I have lots of pictures I can share.

That one above is a picture of my lovey dove that I am fond of. I took that when we went with Jon's family to look for Christmas trees. We didn't get a tree this year, because we were (still are) remodeling our kitchen, and we were short on space. But, we went with everyone, and took pictures. This is me:
It was cold. Much as it has been cold for a million years, now.
And this is my brother-in-law, Thad, with his girl, Rebecca:

Moving family (I don't like me in this photo, but whatever):
That one is my sister, Laura, who just got married and is also giving me a nephew, then my mom, who looks amazing, and me.
I love this picture, but I don't know why. My sister was trying on her dress to show me.
This is the snout I love to smooch on:

And the rest of her

These are pictures I took while Jon was working, and I was at our friend's house. I think they are lovely, so I'll share: