Thursday, March 04, 2010


I have fallen down on the job. I haven't updated anyone in quite some time, not even Twitter. I don't have an excuse. I just didn't feel like it. I still don't feel like writing a lot. However, I have lots of pictures I can share.

That one above is a picture of my lovey dove that I am fond of. I took that when we went with Jon's family to look for Christmas trees. We didn't get a tree this year, because we were (still are) remodeling our kitchen, and we were short on space. But, we went with everyone, and took pictures. This is me:
It was cold. Much as it has been cold for a million years, now.
And this is my brother-in-law, Thad, with his girl, Rebecca:

Moving family (I don't like me in this photo, but whatever):
That one is my sister, Laura, who just got married and is also giving me a nephew, then my mom, who looks amazing, and me.
I love this picture, but I don't know why. My sister was trying on her dress to show me.
This is the snout I love to smooch on:

And the rest of her

These are pictures I took while Jon was working, and I was at our friend's house. I think they are lovely, so I'll share:

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