Friday, October 30, 2009

For visual reference: Meiko

Thoughts on Jewel and Meiko

So, last night my sister and I went to Durham to hear an acoustic Jewel concert. Upfront, I'll say that I looooved Jewel's album, Pieces of You, when I was in high school. It was the soundtrack to my life, I'd say, for a couple of years there. After that CD, though, something changed with Jewel, and probably something changed with me, and I didn't like her new stuff. This concert was billed as an acoustic, mostly old song kind of show. So, I was super stoked to hear all those old songs that I love.

I was disappointed, but it isn't Jewel's fault. It was certainly unfair of me to hold an artist to something she did 15 years ago. She has grown and changed, just as I have. Unfortunately, the things that I loved about her aren't the same. I loved her simplicity, and her honesty, and the raw emotion that came out of her effortlessly. I loved her soulfulness. I loved that she always came across as a little nervous and a little insecure. She isn't so simple today. There seemed to be a lot more flourish to everything she did. The songs didn't seem as honest now, but she is 15 years removed from the events that caused her to write them. There were a couple of moments where the emotion came through, but even when it did, I felt that it was a little forced. Soulfulness seemed to be replaced with watered down commercialism. She wasn't at all nervous or fact, I was pretty sure that she thought she was the best singer of all time. And all that is fine. People love Jewel, and she is certainly allowed to do whatever she wants. But, it just doesn't jive with me as well now.

But, the night was not a waste. I discovered Meiko.

She did seem to have all those things I loved about Jewel back in the day. She was honest, soulful, humble, simple, and clean sounding. She was also nervous and charming and precious. I'm pretty sure I'll be a fan for life. I met her after the show, and I told her that I enjoyed her more than Jewel. She thought that was a bizarre thing for me to Jewel is a big star and what not. But I didn't believe Jewel anymore, and I totally believed Meiko. I wanted to hang out with Meiko. I wanted to buy her a glass of wine, and bury her in compliments.

I didn't even want to meet Jewel. So, I guess the point here is people change...I change, Jewel changes. I'll keep listening to my old Pieces of You CD, but I'm buying Meiko's CD too. I probably won't buy anymore Jewel CDs, but she'll always remind me of who I was in high school.

So, Meiko, if you should ever read this, know that you are awesome. And that you shouldn't be quite so nervous or scared, because you're adorable and talented. I expect for you to be huge.

And Jewel, if you should ever read this, we had a great run, some real good times. I'm glad that you have been able to grow so much musically, and explore all sorts of different music. The world is better for it, but I just can't personally get into it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eerie Commercial

AT&T commercial from the early 90's:

Dude! We can totally do these things!!

I realize that I haven't blogged in a million years. I didn't even talk about how much fun I had at the beach, or Oktoberfest or anything. Sorry about that.

Life is good. I'm happy, but busy. I'm back to subbing all the time, so life feels busier. We bought an awesome camera that will help our lives a lot. That has been terribly exciting. Soon, I'll show you pictures I took. Honestly, I didn't use the new camera, and I won't very often. I'm using Jon's awesome Canon 40D, because now he has a better 5D. But, I've never used a camera as swell as the 40D. So, I'm a happy girl.

Also, I'm sharing music I dig with you. :) More soon.

There is much love for you, my dear readers.