Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My dog

My dog has been very naughty. She's been not wanting to go outside to pee, mainly, I think, because of the rain. So then she pees inside, with doesn't really go over well. Tonight when we were out for an hour or so she got into the trashcan, and ate all the leftover potatoes from dinner. I can understand that if we hadn't shared, but we'd given her some bites of our meat. Totally uncalled for. So when we left her again, for another brief outing, we put her in the crate. She had climbed right out somehow by the time we got home. She's a remarkably smart dog and I'm pretty sure she's being as obnoxious as possible on purpose.

But look how cute she is.
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Allison said...

Bertha is exceptionally cute. When Jared and I got home last night, she was looking at us through the window with her head all cocked to one side.. I couldn't help but talk to her.

Maybe she's in false heat or something..

Carmen Eckard said...

maybe. but she is causing tension and that nonsense needs to stop. she listens to jon much more than she listens to me, so maybe i've just let her get away with too much for too long.