Monday, October 22, 2007


I think that waxing is the solution to all life's problems. Well, maybe not all of them, but at least all that involve hair where you don't want it.

I have very coarse, very thick, deep hair on my legs that grows superfast. If you're one of those people who only has to shave once a week, you don't need to read this, and I hate you. A lot. My legs need to be shaved 2 times a day , and even when they're freshly shaved, you can still see these gnarly black hairs growing underneath. My legs are so white that they're nearly transparent, and my legs were just never good. And at any given point, I had at least 10 ingrown hairs on my legs somewhere. I got razor burn all the time. My legs, in short, have been nothing but a big mess for years. 13 to be exact.

So, I tried nair, right...same problem. The hair is still taken off leaving the roots, so I instantly it starts growing back. And I still had the ingrown hair. And it stinks.

So, I got an electric razor, but that involved all the same problems, and wasn't any easier.

Finally, I went and bought some cheap wax at Target. I tried to do it myself. This, I don't recommend. I have a hard time ripping it off, inflicting the pain on myself. I happen to have a really cool husband who actually seems to like doing this for me. Even the cheap wax produced great results. I don't like the kind that you don't need a muslin strip, and I don't like the kind you can buy that is wax already on strips. I like the melt it, spread it, put muslin and rip kind.

I went to Sally's beauty supply over the weekend and bought a new toy. It's this wax warmer, with wax and all kinds of lotion and muslin strips. It has wooden applicators and all kinds of stuff. It's really really great. And, they had this lidocaine spray so you can numb yourself. It doesn't even hurt. And, it comes with a very detailed illustrated instruction book. Excellent.

So, my legs are hair-free, and they're staying that way. Next time I wax, it won't be so bad, and each time, your hair grows in thinner. Excellent!!

http This is my favorite brand!


Allison said...

yay! wax rules. Not like I've ever tried it, though. I have tried NADS. NADS sucks and I don't reccommend it. I hate nads.

Carmen Eckard said...

i'm saying, you've just got to try it!