Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Morning World!

I'm in good spirits. It's already Friday! These weeks fly by remarkably fast.

I made pimento cheese for snack day today...and my mixer made it awesome! The whole process took 15 minutes. It took me about 4 minutes to grate 3 blocks of cheese because an attachment my mom gave me does it all. I'll make that all the time now! Cleaning up was the hardest part.

Working at McGuires tonight. It should be fun. Doug will be out of town for the next 2 Fridays, after this one, which will leave me working with who knows who...that makes me nervous. What if they get on my nerves? Lots of people do, you know.

Watched my first American Idol of the season last night. (Thanks Allison). The guy with the dreads is so cute I just want to squeeze him, but really, they should just declare that kid the winner and save everyone some time. Allison said he got more votes than everyone...EVERYONE (even the girls) COMBINED! I mean, wow. He's good though.

I miss Jon. It's the little things that make me keep realizing how much better it is when he's here. Like, when my alarm went off, I tried to roll over to cuddle with him, but no one was there, and I was irritated.

Come home fast, Jon!


Allison said...

I bet you'll be working with Greg. hehehehe. Will Doug be there tomorrow :( ?

I think next week you should vote for Jason Castro with me. :)

Carmen Eckard said...

doug will be here this week, and it's looking like teacher tracy will be there with me. i may vote. he's so cute!

Ciarra said...

Hi Mrs. Eckard! I absoulutly love the way you tech dramaa @ Catawba. Your pets are so cute. There is a pic of you teaching drama but I don't know who's class it is. Talk to you 2morrow at school.
Ciarra Parker in Mrs. Darden's class

Carmen Eckard said...

hi ciarra!