Friday, February 15, 2008

Sorry I took a week off!

It's been a very extraordinarily busy week. I will write this in hopes that in the future I will remember:
It is not a good idea to work as a teacher, a bartender, and a children's play director while hosting karaoke and trivia and trying to be a good wife. It doesn't leave time for any of the things that aren't those things.

I found a cool feature on my camera, which will be much cooler with outdoor pictures, but I don't have any of here you go:

I just looked at this post, and the webpage cuts off part of these pictures. To see the whole thing, just click on them. :)

This is my classroom, nearly the whole wrap around view. Now, because there are so many straight lines, this looks kind of crappy. was super easy and I'll be able to do great things outside!

This is backstage at my play:

That one was a combination of about 5 photos. The classroom was about 7. Keeping it to 5 seems to work better.

Here is my living room, although it's super dark. I don't have the right things to fix it at school:

Perhaps I'll fix it up at home and repost.

My play is going swimmingly. Almost done. (Awesome. It's been fun, but I'm always ready for it to be over.)

School is still excellent. I'm super busy, but always surprised at how quickly the weeks go by.

Karaoke was lonely last week, but perhaps better tomorrow.

Bartending is very lucrative.

Jon is the best husband a girl like me could ever dream of. He is so supportive when I over commit like this...he picks up all the slack, and that's awesome.


Allison said...

I really like the one of your living room, it's my fave. I hope Saturday's Karaoke was much better. I think it was.

Allison said...

new blog time.