Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This picture

I love this picture. You have Allison over there, looking hot and thrilled to have won the game. And Mike, who looks fairly amused. That guy on the right...I don't know him. Talked to him for the first time that night, but he knew Matt, so he played too. I love the grin on his face. But my favorite is Matt, who looks slightly amused, but overall unhappy about the whole thing. He promised that next week, when he wins again, he'll smile.


Allison said...

i hope we win 2 weeks in a row. that would be solid. how come this house is so cheap?,%20NC&priceHigh=&priceLow=&nodeId=750007014&sortBy=price%201&radius=&bedrooms=&bathrooms=&type=&b=71

Carmen Eckard said...

it's that cheap cause it's in foreclosure.

if you won 2 times, it would be solid. i've never heard you say solid in such a context.