Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I just haven't been very motivated to blog lately. It's not exactly that I'm lazy...just haven't really had any news, and didn't feel like talking about anything.

I'm now directing a cute kids play at Hickory Community Theatre. And half of my karaoke stuff came last night. I'm expecting the rest Thursday.

Trivia was fun, but Allison didn't get back in time from visiting her mom, and I missed her.

Other than that...same old thing. But, only 7 days left at this school, counting today. And that means only 1 or 2 classes left with each different group. Cool.

Oh-I've started watching The Wire. My friend Matt let us borrow season 1, which we're almost finished with. It's awesome. It's a cop show, and I love those, but it's about drug trade in the ghettos of Baltimore. Really good stuff. They're in season 5 now, so we have lots of entertainment coming our way. I love it when I get into a good show that I can watch on DVD.

Karaoke Saturday!!

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Allison said...

sorry i missed trivia. i didn't want to leave mom by herself, after having shoulder surgery. i don't plan on missing next week.