Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This is a picture Allison took of Bertha. Bertha likes to play fetch. And by "likes to", I mean absoulutely lives and breathes for the next moment that she can chase a golf ball across the yard. She loves to run and get it, sometimes trying to catch it in her mouth...but my favorite part is when she can't find it. She has a very methodical searching method. As long as she smells something before you throw it, she can find anything. My old friends Tim and Lavier used to live in a house with several huge oak trees in the yard. There were thousands of acorns, just a real mess of them. But she always found the same one. She's got a nose on her. Which is good, cause I'm worried about her eyes. She doesn't seem to see very well. Anyway...if we're outside at all, she obsesively carries around a golf ball in her she can be ready the very second we're ready to play. I really like this picture because it really gets her little personality.
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Allison said...

awe, thanks! i love that dog, too.