Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heath Ledger

This is the last portrait of Heath Ledger. It is by artist Vincent Fantauzzo. I really like it. I'm really irritated with the media right now...I don't think Heath's death was well handled at all. If there were drugs lying around, then fine, but now they're saying there weren't any...just some perscriptions in cabinets. So why drag his name through the mud? What did he ever do besides be really hot and really good at his craft? I mean...just watch some of his movies. Dude was flawless.

On a personal note...Friday night McGuires was awesome. It was fun, and I made lots of money. And karaoke was fun too...although I wish a few more people would come. One thing I'm missing...a little rest. My play, the really truly story of the 3 little pigs, is going well, but it does all add up to me doing a bit too much...but the play will open soon, and it will all be better. My mother in law is making costumes for the play, and dear lord they are cute! I've never seen such costumes. My mother in law is quite awesome on lots of levels.

I love my new school still. It's very nice to be back around people that I know and love. And I'm working with Nathan Crabtree, who is super talented, creative, and quite lovely. He's the music teacher, and I've always found my job much more enjoyable when the music teacher is cool. Also working again with Melanie and Mona, and they are my buddies. And, I get to sleep an extra 20 minutes. Or cuddle and extra 20 minutes, which I did today.

Allison...I missed you terribly last night...and your team was winning the whole time...till the last question, where they simply didn't bid enough. 2nd place though...and Roger played with Matt and Mike cause you weren't there and Roger's folks weren't there. But, there were 3 new teams that seemed like they'll come back. And the big table with all the blonds...they didn't come. I hope they weren't upset by the article in the paper.


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Allison said...

I miss you too. Jared is home at night now so it seems I don't get to see you. Come over. It sucks that both you and I really love our own couches when we get home..