Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I've been lazy and haven't even thought of blogging lately. Sorry. Christmas was swell, then we went to the mountains, which was swell, and had a really good New Year. Back to the grind tomorrow. I'm currently experiencing a flippy stomach because I keep thinking about work and it makes me feel very anxious and worried.

I made a website. www.carmeneckard.com. Although the design isn't finished. Jon is working on pictures that I'll incorporate in the design, but that will have to come in the next week. Should be very nice soon.

Click here for Christmas pictures.

Can't wait for Trivia to start back.


Allison said...

so.. cold.. want to be in hot tub or snuggled under blankets instead of at work... hope you're having fun today

Allison said...

i've tried like 4 times and i still can't get your christmas pictures link to work.

Carmen Eckard said...

just fixed the link. sorry about that. had http 2 times. better now.