Thursday, May 01, 2008

5 years ago, about right now

5 years ago, about right now, I was on the phone with my landlord, who was fussing at me for the enormous party we'd thrown for Allison's 21st the night before. About 5 years ago from 5 minutes from now, I was in pajamas with trashbags picking up oh, maybe 300 cups and beer cans. Allison, I know last night wasn't as exciting as all that, but I still had fun.

Last night after we ate dinner for Allison's birthday, we came home and sat in the living room for 3 minutes. Then, a transformer exploded and we lost power to the whole building. On Allison's birthday. And then she couldn't watch American Idol, and everyone was sad. Personally, I waited it out at McGuires.

1 comment:

Allison said...

Let's forget about picking up all the fruit pieces and stuff too.

I still had fun candles and photo albums are always a good time.