Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yesterday was all kinds of sucky.

Do you ever have one of those days when you think "This is the worst day ever", and then something else happens that just makes you want to cry? This was my yesterday.

First, after 4 days, I still had cramps.
Then, I got a call from the assistant superintendent of the schools that I needed to meet with her, which made me feel pretty panicky.
Then, I hit my knuckle on a brick wall, and made it all bloody and ouchy.

This is where it gets worse.

My meeting with the assistant superintendent...basically, without going into much detail, because I don't want to and I'm the boss of this blog, I resigned as of June 13. You all know I was going to resign on December 18, so I guess it isn't the worst thing in the whole world, but it felt like it. Basically, if I were to quit halfway through the year, which they are aware I was planning, I would forever be unhirable in the county. And I'm not really all about burning bridges, because who knows what the future holds. But, I am 100% firm that I will not ever be going back to the school I was at. So, end of the year it is. Resignation is signed and sealed.

This is where it gets worse again.

As I'm on the couch crying and feeling sorry for myself, Jon, who has been complaining of slight kidney pain for a couple of weeks, goes to the bathroom. And then I hear very pain induced moans. And then I hear vomit. Then I hear more vomit. Then I hear more vomit. And then I hear more pain induced moans. So, to the emergency room we go, because Jon's not in the habit of moaning and vomiting unless he really means it.

In the car, he threw up all over himself, bless his heart, so we go into the hospital shirtless. It takes them an hour and 45 minutes to get some nausea medicine and pain medicine in him. He threw up 17 times at the hospital. Yes, I said 17. Add that the the 4 or 5 at home, and 1 in the car, that's a lot of vomit, folks. The problem? Kidney stones. It looks like this one is a little too big to pass, but he has to try for a week before they'll go in and bust it up. The worse news is that the cat scan showed lots more of those suckers in his kidneys. They don't hurt in your kidney...only when they come out...but he's like a walking, ticking pain bomb.

And remember those cramps that I mentioned...those day 4 cramps? Yes, well (Boys, don't read this cause I'll be embarrassed) about 2 hours into our hospital trip, I bled all over my pants. Like I was in 7th grade. And I do mean noticeably, all over my pants. And, I had given myself a raging headache from all the crying like a little girl.

So you see, as far as I can tell, nothing good happened yesterday, and lots of bad things occurred. And the bad things aren't all things that are over the next day-I'm still jobless, and Jon is still in bed in pain, and I have no idea when it will ease up for him.

But the good news-My knuckle feels better, and my cramps seem to finally be gone.


Katie Bonk said...

I just want to give you a big hug. And maybe a glass of wine. Or the whole bottle. Anything to make it all better!!!
Tell Jon that I hear drinking a bunch of beer helps to pass kidney stones easily. I don't know why though- I tried to google "kidney stones beer help pass", but my computer here at work blocked it for "alcohol". But I have heard that somewhere before.

Lovey said...

Oh crap. What an awful day!!I'm with Katie. You get the wine and Jon gets the beer. A coworker got rid of his that way. Basically he got drunk on cheap beer and kept passing so much fluid thru his kidneys that the stones came out, too. Since he was drunk, he didn't feel them nearly as badly as he felt the first one (passed without beer).
Alcohol = true friend sometimes.

Allison said...

Geez you DID have a bad day. I'm so sorry :(

Tell Jon I will buy him beer if it will help... Speaking of alcohol why don't you just go ahead and finish off that bottle of Tequila Rose stuff? I think it would make you feel better. As for a job, wow. I still think you should start your own game show. But I guess until then maybe you could try waiting tables again? blegh. Or you could open your own bar. Yea.

Carmen Eckard said...

Katie, I accept your cyber hug. I looked up your google query and it did say that it would help. Lovey, thanks for assuring me this will work, thus ensuring a giggle filled evening. I just ran to the store, and we'll test your theory.

Carmen Eckard said...

Allison-I told Jon you'd buy him beer and he was all "Isn't she a doll baby". I'm not worried about the job, b/c I'd already been just kind of upped the date, you know? And I don't want to wait tables again...but I guess I would if the situation really called for it. But it doesn't call for that right now. And booze doesn't really make me feel better. It would just give me the runs on top of everything else. But Jon, it might actually help right now.