Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So much has happened

So much has happened since last we talked, internet. I apologize for my busy-ness. I am finally for real and for true finished with my movie project. I thought I was through, but after burning a DVD and watching it, I found some things I wanted to fix. And then my computer crashed, and ate the file. It completely dissappeared, which made me panic and cry. But then I remembered the DVD. I was able to use that , but all my files were compressed so editing became much harder. But, it's all good now.

I went to visit my mom and my extended family over the weekend. I left Jon at home, and I missed him a lot, but I desperately needed some time with my mom.

My mama

I'm making it a goal to take a picture of all the houses I've lived in. I've lived in a lot, so it will probably take a while.

This is the first house I ever lived in. The bathroom wall was lined with mirrors so you could see yourself when you went pee.

I got a chance to play with my littlest cousins. I'm the oldest, and 6 years after I was born, there came 5 more in rapid succession, and then just a few years ago, my youngest aunt started having kids. So there are 3 that are much younger than the rest of us, and they are really adorable and fun. The oldest sometimes acts like she doesn't know me, and if she does know me, she certainly doesn't like me...but this time she was sweet and friendly.

My cousin Gavin (the middle of the 3 little ones), helping my Granddad clean the yard.

I've decided to make a movie to document my family, and the history therein. I feel like I'm pretty lucky because I grew up in a family where I not only knew all my cousins, I saw them so much I got tired of them. We have even had a yearly beach trip my entire life-one week at the beach with the grandparents, parents, and all the kids. Last count, 20 people in one house. Yikes. So this year, Jon and I are going to go down for a couple of days and stay in a hotel. This will be a much much better situation for me.

Now for another topic-anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog may remember how completely unhappy I was at the last school I was at. I dreaded every day...I couldn't sleep at night, and my stomach turned bad on me. Then, I came to the school I am at now, and it was so wonderful. I've never liked my job like I do here. It's exciting and fun, and people are wonderful. But, I'm on a split schedule...1/2 a year at each school. And I had been in talks with the school system to stay here full time and maybe teach computers, or at least go to a different school. Alas, it isn't happening. If I want to keep doing this, I have to do it at both the good school and the bad school. And I can't. I can't willingly accept a job that I know makes me sick. I stay here till January, then I'm supposed to switch. So, I have till January to find a new job. Career. I have till January to decide what I want to be when I grow up. And folks, I just don't know! Any ideas?

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Allison said...

How about full time Game Show Host!