Friday, May 30, 2008

If you were worried/ Hodgepodge

If you were worried about me, I'm ok now. Took me a couple of days to recover from my bad day, but except for the no money thing, all is well.

Jon still hasn't passed his stone, but he hasn't been in as much pain.

I am feeling really good about not teaching next year. It's a little (ok, a whole whole lot) terrifying. I can't recall a time that I haven't had a job-not since I was 16! But, I'm looking at it this way: I don't love teaching. This is my chance to see if there is something else I would love. If not, I'll come back to teaching, which is pretty good.

Gonna need a new blog name, though.

Hey Matt-if you're reading this, welcome to my blog!
Allison and I went to Matt's house last night, and tried to explain the beauty of a blog. I'm not sure we did a good job.

Plans for the weekend-school party tonight, which should be ok. Jon is out of town tomorrow, so (if I get paid) I'll do all of our boring shopping, and maybe do some hanging out with Allison. Sunday, we hope to go to Boone. We'll see how that goes. And I'm extending my weekend to Monday, because I have lots of sick days left, and I hate Mondays. But I've got no plans for that yet.

We're going to try this whole me running the photography business thing. Got any brilliant ideas for me? Let me know! Know anyone that needs pictures? Let me know that too. Or, go to

And there was just an announcement saying we got paid. Whew. So shopping it is!


Lovey said...

A pay day that actually paid you! It's a bright spot in a bleak week. :) Glad that, at least, worked out. I'll be pondering the other items.
Also, don't know if it makes you feel any better, but both of my sisters (also working within school systems) were fired this week. Does that make you feel less alone?
What a terrible week!!

Allison said...

yay for money!!

Jenelle said...

You'll be FINE! You are so resilient and creative and ingenious and lots of other adjectives. Jon is so talented and between the two of you everything will work out. In the meantime, if you need your mommy...I'm here!

Jenelle said...

PS Was Satterfield on TV last night? I didn't see that blog entry and I didn't watch it.

Carmen Eckard said...

Yes, he was on TV, for just a couple of seconds, but he was dancing his heart out. Today was field day, and a parent who had a kid in his dance studio came up to me and said "Was Satterfield on TV last night, because we really thought we saw him?" :) And thanks!