Thursday, May 22, 2008

An open letter to the director of education at the XXXX:

Dear ma'am:
It is not typically in the good interest of a business to run things the way you do. Firstly, it isn't considered a good thing to be the one thing people mention in the "but" section when explaining why they like working at the XXXX. As in, "I love working at the XXXX, but the Education Director is a terror to work for." But even after hearing that from 5 different people, I still applied for a job for Summer Fun. Because I was assured that Summer Fun wasn't directly under you. I had my first interview, with a lovely lady who actually runs Summer Fun, and it went really well. So, we scheduled an appointment for an interview with you and her. I left school early, prepared for the interview, and got myself all nervous. And then you didn't show up. Very professional, may I say. After I'd interviewed for the second time with this lady, you walked by in the hall. She told you about the interview you missed. You snapped at her, like she was a three year old child, when it was obviously your fault. And just so we're clear, you are certainly the one that came off looking unprofessional. So, I was told that you would schedule an interview with me in the coming weeks. This was the last time I heard from the XXXX until a couple of days ago, when I contacted the lady I had been communicating with. She told me that without interviewing me, you filled all of the positions.

Now, some back story. Apparently, you filled said positions only with people who are your friends, with the exception of a couple of people whose hiring gave you political advantage. And some more back story...a few months back you and your friends came frequently to my trivia game. Then, you got very drunk. And then your entire table would argue with me about my answers. This is how you know me. This is the only way you know me. You do not know, for example, that I teach school, and have worked with 700 kids a week for 4 years. You do not know, for example, that I have a magic touch with kids, and they flock to me. You do not know, for example, that I strive to make every class I teach very fun, and you do not know, for example, that my students talk about my class frequently when they aren't in here, and count down the days until they can come back. These things, you would have known had you bothered yourself to show up for my interview, or reschedule. Instead of knowing these things, and actually hiring someone who would have done a completely stellar job working for you, you did what you did. Which was make a judgement about someone that you don't know, and run with it. People do this all the time. But I would think that someone in a position of authority would have a little more maturity under their belt. You don't like me, because of Trivia Night. I don't know if it is because you were always sloppy drunk, or because I wouldn't accept your team's wrong answers. I don't know if it is because you don't want someone working for you that works in a bar. If this is the case, I'd have to call you a hypocrite, since you were the one drinking, and not me. Me myself, I don't even drink. Regardless of who I am at trivia, I am an excellent teacher. These are 2 very different and necessary outlets for me.

I have a real problem with a person who calls herself an "education director" behaving in this way. I think it is unethical to take someone who has been recommended, who has good references and a teaching degree, and not interview them because you don't like something in them that you saw at a bar 6 months ago. Shame on you. This is why the XXXX's management is considered the laughing stock of the XXXX (building in which said business is located).

I hope that your incompetence continues to make your life more difficult. Maybe at some point, your boss will realize that everyone hates you, and you run your business more like a middle school clique than an actual business.

I wouldn't work for you under any circumstance now. And you know what? Your XXXX is worse off for it.

Carmen Eckard


Anupam said...
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Allison said...

Let's kidnap her and tie her to a truck! Just kidding. Does this woman have a boss? Write her a letter.

Carmen Eckard said...

Good idea! I'm sure she does have a boss. And I'm sure her boss would love to know about what a horrible person she is.

Carmen Eckard said...

As I point out in a later entry, the authenticity of my information has been questioned. I am leaving this entry as a testament to my blinding indignation, which sometimes gets the best of me.