Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm happy. I'm feeling glad. I got sunshine, in a bag.

I feel rosy. We've been on a two day cleaning and purging rampage. We have found so much space, and reorganized our life in a way that will enable us to work together. I even have a permanent home for my laptop and printer, complete with a drawer for printer paper! It doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, but trust me, it is. I also have a LOT of stuff to sell on eBay...mostly theatre books of one sort or another. Those postings will go up soon, but I have photographed the lot of it, and typed all the names of books out. That was a big project. Now, I'm sitting in my living room, not staring at a single stack of something I need to do. It's peaceful.

I've always thought positive thoughts bring positive actions, and now there is some book I haven't read on the subject to back me up. So, I'm going to write out 2 positive thoughts...2 cool plans for your enjoyment and critiquing pleasure.

1: I get that job on Saba. I become a teacher at the only school on this perfect little crime-free, beautiful island. The entire infrastructure of American Education, which is mostly what I hated about my old job doesn't exist. I would love to do that. Jon, who is only a few classes away from being able to teach SCUBA, takes those classes and gets a job working at one of the several diving spots on the island. This island is constantly rated one of the top five diving spots on earth. Jon, professional photographer. So, Jon could be this one lucky photographer with reliable access to the most beautiful spots on earth, and an underwater camera to catch it all with. It's a stock house's dream come true. Meanwhile, I also get to sing karaoke every Friday, because everyone in town goes to the bar of the hotel we stayed at, Scout's Place to sing karaoke each week. So Jon, Bertha and I could conceivably live perfect lives in the perfect place. And I promise I would blog about it every day.

2: I don't get that job. Jon and I spend the next year fixing up our condo to sell, and working together, as a smoothly operating team to sell his photographs. We make enough money to pay our bills and advertise some more. We build. I strive to make sure everyone in this town knows who we are, and how we can be of service to them. See, Jon is so supertalented. And I am charming and creative. And determined. Together, we'll be jammin'. A year from now, we move to a darling house with a little more space. We'll use the space to operate our business better...the ultimate plan is to have a house we love, a studio down town somewhere, enough money and some down time. And a baby.

Either of these are perfectly dandy little scenarios. And right now, I have no idea which one we'll go for. It's out of my hands. The Saba thing seems a long shot, but it's possible, so I have to believe, you know? Either way, I'm happy. I'm feeling glad.

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Allison said...

Either way, I'll be happy for you!