Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Perhaps my 37th post of the day

I know I've posted a thousand blog entries today. This is the thing: I'm bored. Way beyond bored. And the school computer blocks most websites, and I'm feeling like writing. So, the result is blog entry after blog entry. Whatever. It won't offend me if you don't read them all.

So, have any of you ever just scrolled through blogs using the "next blog" button up at the top? Oh my dear Lord. First of all, I'm now convinced that the idiot to non idiot ratio in the world is rapidly going downhill. And also, has no one ever noticed the ABC button with the check mark? Yeah...that's a helpful button. I want to drive to these people's houses and explain that. Also, the difference in then/than...two/too/to...they're/there/their etc. And also, I'd like to convince them that "irregardless" is not a word. Maybe with my fists, if they argue with me.

And, most of the blogs that pop up aren't in English. I understand the whole world doesn't speak English, but if you were reading an English blog, then chances are, you'd like the next blog to be in English too. Am I crazy here?

And further, why blog if you have nothing to say? You may be rolling your eyes, because I don't always pick the most interesting topics, but come on! It actually made me angry. One blog entry, "I have nothing to say, but I'm bored. Hmmm. It was cloudy last night. And kind of hot." Is there anyone in the world who could read an entire entry like that and not feel like they've wasted valuable time they'll never get back?

And the design of some of these I guess there are all sorts of people in the world, but some of them look like a blind person designed them. No offense to blind're a swell lot, but I wouldn't want you designing my web page.

It seems to me-most blogger blogs are in a different language. A good portion are family sites with lots of kid pictures. I found several that are girls on diets blogging about that. And I've only seen one or two that are more personal journal type blogs like this one.

This one girl's blog only consists of pictures she has taken of herself. And this one...well, it's not in English, and you get a penis! I would like to go in this girl's house and read a good book.

While it was a huge waste of time, and I found no new blogs to read, it did give me a smug, self satisfied feeling. I love my blog.

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