Friday, June 13, 2008

Fuzzy Things, 1-9

Allison and I were riding around last night, talking about things that give you that awesome warm feeling. Her list is here, and mine is below.

1: Linking. It's an awesome feeling, and I can't figure out why. Perhaps, subconsciously, it is knowing that the things I think and talk about fit into a much bigger scheme, and I can simply attach it to that scheme with a couple of mouse clicks.

2: When I'm chilling with Bertha, and she just throws herself back on me, totally trusting that I will catch her to love on her better than I was before. So far, I have always caught her, although she did give me a fat lip one time.

3: When a person tells you something nice another person said about you. It's better, usually, than the person who said the nice thing just telling you. It feels more honest.

4: When my car starts beeping that someone doesn't have their seat belt on. It pisses some people off, but I love it. I want seat belts worn in my car!

5: The hush that falls over a table when we start to eat something delicious I cooked.

6: Embarrassing admission coming up: I still have my blanket. Well, I have blanket number 2. Number 1 was thrown away by stepdad 1, also known as satan. Blanket number 2 was from my grandma, and I really love it. I don't sleep with it always now, but I do bury my face in it, daily if possible. That is the fuzzy all other fuzzies compare to.

7: A hot bath.

8: Sometimes, when I go out my back door and knock on Allison's door, I get the feeling. It's so nice to live next to your best friend. I recommend it.

9: The kind of hugs Jon gives where I get to let my knees go soft, knowing he'll hold me up.

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Allison said...

Our lists are so very similar it's almost scarey.