Monday, June 09, 2008

And Sunday

Whew. Sunday was the day of the breakdown. I've been a little stressed, what with all the changes in my jobs and such, and I've been keeping a lot of negativity in the back of my brain. Sunday, it all came gushing out in a huge stream and stained Jon's clothes, and probably his brain too.

Everything just sort of built up and built up, and then exploded. I was really feeling like I couldn't do anything right, and all the things I always thought I was good at, I was wrong, you know? I've never felt quite so dark. It was big. It was ugly. Thankfully, it was brief, and ended as quickly as a summer thunderstorm.

Probably some of that stuff is still lurking back there, but I'll get to it, and deal with it, when I can.

Got no pics of that for you. :) You can use your imagination, though...a crying, hysterical girl with swollen eyes, and puffy hanging limply and lips unable to cut out that quivering crap.

My dad has always called me Hurricane Carmen, which has always pissed me off a little too much, but I was surely hurricane like yesterday.

Once the storm was over, though, we had a fine day. We hung out with our friend Mason and then went for a ride with Matt. If it weren't for me thinking my life was over, Sunday would have been a swell day.

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Lovey said...

I have regular, semi-annual meltdowns. My dad made fun of them when I was a kid, and it only made it worse. On the bright side, your meltdowns are infrequent, right? That's a good thing. :) I've been trying to deal with stress a little at a time, but it's an on-going process. Besides, I feel like I deserve a meltdown when things are just too much. Such a stress reliever, even if I do feel silly afterwards.