Monday, June 09, 2008


Saturday Allison and I went to Asheville to see my dad at a dog show. It was an awesome day, all around. We listened to music we love the whole way, which would have irritated most...Dirty Dancing, Sublime, Bob Marley, Beck, and we even ended the day with a little "I'm too Sexy" and "Shoop". Halfway through the 97 degree day, it rained hard, and Allison and I went for a ride in the rain on my dad's golf cart. We ate dinner, then went to the coffee shop that my brother in law has been involved in starting. I'd link to their site, but I don't think they have one yet. I'll check on that.

Then, I got, I rushed home for karaoke. And there were 8 people asking to sing, but because the owner has ignored the advice of people who spend more time in her bar than she does, business is terrible and they can't afford to pay me, so I didn't go. Back in the day, when I started this karaoke thing, she said I'd be doing it every Saturday, for money. But this is the fifth, yes I said fifth Saturday in a row that she hasn't wanted to pay me. Has she ever wanted me to skip trivia, you know, that night that brings her crazy business and doesn't cost her much, but requires hours of my time? I'm frustrated, and I will be moving my game. I just have to figure out the details about that. Anyway...a few pics from Asheville:

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