Tuesday, June 03, 2008

50 more things about me!

1: I'm a little obsessed with blogging.
2: When I was younger, I got stuck in a laundry chute that went to the basement. Instead of helping me, my step sisters shut the door at the top so they wouldn't get caught. (Mama-bet that's the first time you're hearing that...they eventually helped me out, and I fell onto a big pile of laundry.)
3: I'm fiercely loyal to my few real friends.
4: I'm just all the time putting my foot in my mouth.
5: It's because I say whatever is on my mind, and that filter that is supposed to be between your brain and your mouth is broken in me.
6: I'm a great director.
7: I'm a decent actor.
8: I like to sing, and I'll qualify myself as a little better than decent, but not great.
9: I cannot dance. I was even married for a while to a dance teacher, and even he thought I was hopeless.
10: His mom, who was also a dance teacher, said that I just wasn't trained, but I had a "Lovely pointe", which is the only nice thing that I can recall her saying to anyone in my presence.
11: I really love kids, and I can feel that clock tick tick ticking away saying "BABY BABY BABY". So far, though, I'm able to resist. I want to have one of those guys, but a little later, when we would be better suited to handle it.
12: I live an hour and a half away from my mom and 2 1/2 hours away from my dad.
13: Growing up, I didn't see my dad often, which led to some sore feelings, but now I know my father as a pretty cool dude who is easy to talk to, and makes me laugh a lot. This is better than before.
14: My mom and I have always been close. She is still cool, and reads this here blog often.
15: I pretty much need everyone to like me. If I hear that someone doesn't like me, I can't stand it. I think of nothing else for the next few days.
16: I've got one crazy bad temper on me. But it is more of the stew and vent to everyone that will listen temper, as opposed to the hit someone in the face kind of temper.
17: I've never hit anyone in the face.
18: I did kick a guy as hard as I could one time in 7th grade. He kept touching my butt. It was spirit day, and I was wearing steel toed boots. I put a fracture in his shin, but I didn't get in any trouble because I moved out of town the next day. He deserved it. I said "If you touch my butt one more time, you'll regret it." And he did both.
19: I spoil my dog just as rotten as she'll let me spoil her.
20: While I'm glad my dog loves my husband, it makes me a little sad that she loves him as much as she loves me.
21: I over analyze things that don't need analyzing, and then fly by the seat of my pants when I really should be analyzing.
22: It usually works out for me OK anyway. It, meaning life, I guess.
23: I don't like working for women. Present principal excepted, because I like her a lot.
24: I used to sweat all the time, no matter what. It was horrible. If you have this problem, and find yourself wearing 4 shirts in a day, and throwing out white shirts after you've worn them twice-try this: Don' t use soap on your underarms. (I know it feels counterproductive.) Scrub with a loofah instead. And don't use antiperspirant. ( I know this feels even more counterproductive.) Just use deodorant. Works like a charm!
25: I love coca cola, and even though I know it is poison, I still just can't stop myself from drinking it. I love love love it!
26: I didn't care about ice cream in the past, but over the last year, I've developed an undying love for ice cream that is almost as serious as my love for google.
27: I have a mom, a dad, a step mom, a step dad, a sister and 5 stepbrothers. There was a point in my life where I had a different step mom and a different step dad, and 2 step sisters, which ups my total of siblings to 8! Just not at one time.
28: I love talking to people I don't know.
29: I love talking to people I do know.
30: OK-I really just love talking, especially when I have a microphone.
31: I have been married almost a year to a precious precious man who puts up with a lot of crap from me.
32: My favorite color is red, and I lean towards schemes that are red and orange and yellow.
33: I am an expert at wasting time.
34: I think the funniest thing in town is my dog swimming in a pool. No one seems as amused as I am, but seriously, I could watch her do it for hours.
35: I'm not big on second chances. Unless you are one of the 4 or 5 people who are closest to my heart, and then, honestly, I'd probably give you 30 chances.
36: I am very emotional, and not so quick to think logically about something that gets an emotional response from me.
37: That makes it not so much fun to argue with me.
38: I'm a cry baby.
39: I need a better creative outlet.
40: I'm terrified of failure.
41: It makes my heart smile when I see comments on my blog. I know it is dorky, but it makes my day every time.
42: I would rather be doing something unpleasant than be bored bored bored.
43: If I were loaded, I would get laser hair removal every where they would let me get it.
44: I'm not much of a gossip, but I sure do love to hear some.
45: I eat a salad almost every day.
46: I eat too many $0.99 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds.
47: A lot of people get on my nerves. But I'll be nice any way, because I know it doesn't take much to irritate me.
48: I tend to immediately like and trust anyone who doesn't get on my nerves, which blows up in my face sometimes.
49: I can, and do, unfortunately, hold a grudge for years.
50: Nothing in the world is nicer than watching a good TV show with my head in Jon's lap.


Jenelle said...

Things I am happy about:
1) That I still know you so well because I already knew most of the things on your list.
2) That you survived the laundry chute incident which I definitely did NOT know about.
3) That you have a precious husband.
4) That you always say nice things about me since I do read this here blog every day.
5) That you and your dad are finally friends.
6) That I have been blessed to have such an incredible person as my daughter.

I'll shut up now since this is YOUR blog, not mine!

Carmen Eckard said...

Mom-You're the sweetest. :)

Allison said...

Awe, tearfest!

AmyD said...

Good God, we have a lot on common!!! Oh, except for I can't sign worth a shit and couldn't act/direct to save my life.

Glad you found me on my blog! :o)