Wednesday, June 25, 2008


If anyone thought that not teaching and getting a business up and running would be easy, you were wrong. Teaching was easier but this is better. I needed that vacation to take a breath, but it honestly wasn't much of a vacation. I was very worried that Jon would be miserable there with my whole family because he's not really a big people person. I was also worried that once he was miserable, he would be rude, because that can happen on occasion. But he was so nice. But, I was stressed out the whole time because of those feelings, and it wasn't as fun as it could have been. But, for a first family vacation with the husband, it wasn't bad at all.

But then I got home and walked into a hornet's nest of things to do. I don't feel like I've stopped at all...just hopping from project to project, and marking a lot of things off the to do list. This will be very hard, but also probably the best option around. But I'm feeling hopelessly optimistic and positive about the whole thing.

Trivia...exciting news there. I quit doing Trivia at McGuires, even though I actually loved it, because I couldn't in good conscience make money for people that don't do well by me. And quitting was kind of a leap of faith, because, like I said, I love it. But, it seems that I'll get another game up and running very soon. I shouldn't say where yet, because it isn't 100% final, but my very first choice for a new home for trivia is a go. More on that later, but the owner is an actual business person, with knowledge of how bars need to be run. Because of lots of factors that I'll go into later, this will be a much much better situation for all involved. So, after last talking to the owner, I did a happy dance. Then, I ran upstairs and found Jon and did the happy dance for him too. I think he liked it.

And hey-all you readers out there...take a moment, please, to think about your photographic needs. Jon is amazing and creative. He also travels and takes me with him! Send me an e-mail if you need us. And spread the word. :) Click here if you want to know more, but the website hasn't been updated lately. It is nearing the top of the to do stack.

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Allison said...

Well you know he'll have business when I get married, but you're going to be busy standing on one side of me so you can't videotape. But that's too far off to count, I guess..