Friday, July 11, 2008

A word on Footcandle

Footcandle is a film society in town. You join, and then you get to watch a cool movie each month, and discuss. The selections have been fabulous, and the dudes that run it are really neat blokes. They also happen to be my Twitter buddies, which is cool. I haven't been able to stay for the discussion until this week, because I was a little Cinderella who had to get to bed early, but I don't anymore. The discussion is now my favorite part. join, you can go to the website, or you can come to the Carolina Theatre, the 2nd Thursday of a month at 7 and watch the movie. You can come watch one to see if you like it, and enjoy a free evening of entertainment. There are forms to join there if you like it as much as we do.

It's very nice to talk to intelligent people about interesting things...karaoke/trivia has meant that I've associated mostly with bar regulars, and let's face flies aren't known for being great least not most that I know. What a long run on sentence, but I'm leaving it because it's 1 am. Did I mention our discussion was at Drips, where I had much coffee?

So, coming soon, Trivia on Thursdays at Drips, except on Footcandle nights. I'm going to attempt sleep. Ha.

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