Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you Lovey

Thank you, LoveyH, for noticing my beautiful porch.

I want to take a minute to explain one of the many ways my husband has enriched my life. Because he is oh so wonderful.

When I met Jon my patio was in this state:
My old refrigerator was out here, because I'd gotten a new one, and hadn't figured out what to do with it.
There was a horribly crappy old style cheap K-mart outdoor table.
There was a huge, ugly storage unit that the old guy I bought the house left. And he left it full of crap.
Much as he did the laundry room, which is adjacent.
My grill was out here, but it was surrounded by too much assorted crap to use.
Several old stools and ugly chairs.
No plants.
My old aquarium, which was partially full of disgusting water, and I was horribly avoiding.
The back door was falling apart like mad.

And then Jon came into my life. He sold the fridge in the Iwanna. He took all the crap to the dump. He cleaned out the storage unit and took it somewhere else. Then, slowly but surely, the beautifying began.

He built a new door. From scratch, and then stained it blue. I love that it is stained blue. The outside is stained black to conform.

My mom bought me awesome furniture for my birthday, and then we bought another piece to go with it. We found a great umbrella. The plants-he keeps them all alive, and we've gotten them from all over the place. One is a bougainvillea, which also covered our porch on our honeymoon. It is healthy, and should have beautiful blooms that I will share with you all right here. My other favorite is a little tiny garden of carnivorous plants. There are 6 or so different kinds, including a couple of venus fly traps. Those are nifty.

My patio is now a place of peace and loveliness. I love to sit out here with Jon, or Bertha, or my computer, or Allison. We have coffee out here, and eat sometimes. I love it, and everytime I am out there, I think "Ah-Jon is good."

Recently the peace has been disturbed. We have new neighbors-5 people in a tiny condo, and there are 3 boys-2 younger, and they are all the time coming to talk to me. Or just hanging out in the back yelling a lot. The youngest one is oh so very precious, though, so it's not too bad.


Katie Bonk said...

You do have a very homey/cozy patio! How have I not seen it before? I will have to check it out next time I'm over there.

Lovey said...

Is Jon available for hire? He does great work! :) I am working on our deck. I should really post pictures sometimes. We've been working so hard!

AmyD said...

I LOVE IT! And I also love a good man who takes care of his good wife (and her previously-scattered life). We are very lucky to each have one, aren't we? :o)