Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fourth of July

Last weekend was awesome. We went to Boone for a little bit, and hung out with Matt and Josh, then we went to the cabin. I love going there. 14 acres, completely secluded, and beautiful. The kind of place where you walk around outside naked just because you can. The perfect cure for living in a condo. We played outside a lot, and just spent some excellent time with each other.

Trivia last night...only 8 people came. On the one hand, that is pitiful. On the other hand, it was the Monday after July 4, which is a very slow time for bars. Still...I'm hoping more people show up next time.

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Katie Bonk said...

Daniel and I were planning on going to trivia, but, well... you know. It's on my calendar for next week though!