Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I am in Love-Part I

1: Jon is deeply and wonderfully creative.

2: Jon listens to me, especially when I'm ready to discuss anything logically.

3: Jon is terribly handy: he remodeled the bathroom, the back porch, and countless other little things that I didn't even know needed fixing.

4: Jon sees me as so beautiful.

5: I read this book about the Languages of Love. It was all about how there are several different ways that people show love and feel loved. But most people are only into 2 or 3 of the 4 or 5 ways. So, you get the wife who doesn't feel loved, because she needs a man to touch her and buy her things, while he shows his love by spending time and complimenting her. Anyway-we show and feel loved in very compatible ways, so it is very easy to love each other.

6: Jon loves my dog so much that she is in every way Our dog now. I know it is probably silly to say, based only on a dog, but I think he'll be a very good daddy. And Bertha-sometimes she even says hi to him first when we come home! That's never happened with anyone before. She loves him.

7: Jon takes care of me. Even when I'm falling apart, and I'm sure I'm pretty irritating...Jon takes care of me.

8: He's dead sexy.

9: He's more domestic than me...he cleans and does laundry much better than I do. And he can bake! He made a cake last week. And, even though he is a great cook, he lets me do all the cooking, because he knows how much I love to feed him.

10: He is so sensible. And sometimes it drives me mad, because I'm so the opposite of that, but I need a sensible person with me. He calmly explains why I shouldn't do something I was going to do, and then I avoid the horrible consequences that could have followed.

11: He loves me so much that he couldn't hide it if he tried.

12: He doesn't mind me blogging.

That's enough for now.

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