Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Things to Do in Hickory

I'm sick to death of hearing people talk about how much Hickory sucks. I really like it here. So, in protest of all of those people, I give you a partial list of fun things to do here. I hold, the problem is that those people just aren't creative enough, or they have a very narrow idea of "fun". I may add to this list in the future.

1: Disc Golf at Glenn Hilton Park. It's fun-the course is pretty, and sort of secluded at times too. And, there are swings! I love swings! Not many towns have such a thorough disc golf course. But, once you get your discs, it's free fun!

2: Trivia night at Beef's on Mondays. Because, of course I have to mention it. And it really is fun.

3: The SALT block. Very cool little place. It includes the library, the Science Center (with a planetarium and an aquarium), and the Art Museum. The library is nice, and convenient, but the real fun lies in the Science Center. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon. And when you're done, you hop over the the Art Museum, which is free. They change the exhibits a lot, and it is better than you expect.

4: The Carolina: Hickory's $2 theatre, with comfortable seats and cheap popcorn. And coke icees. Rock on.

5: Hickory Alive. Sometimes, honestly, it isn't the coolest. But it is a free gathering of a bunch of people, where you get to listen to music, eat hotdogs, and drink beer. And (!) your dog can come.

6: Drips. Remember how you used to say "Near where Drips used to be". Well, Drips is back, so now you can go back to saying just "Near Drips." But, if you're from Hickory, you might be more comfortable saying "The Place where Funky Night Owls used to be". Back to my point, though...Drips is a chill little place. It's artistically decorated, quiet, and has free Internet. I love free Internet. They have open night mic on Tuesdays, a movie on Wednesday, and coming soon...trivia on Thursdays.

7: Lots of bars. I'm not much of a drinker, but I still know the good ones. I used to love McGuires, but the service has steadily slid downhill for quite some time now. The Tap Room is alright, although it can be pretentious. I like Beef 'O' Brady's, but it's pretty sportsy. People to to Sundries and the Tavern, and seem to enjoy themselves.

8: Hickory Community Theatre. If that's your thing. It is my thing, and it's my list, so there.

9: Go to a Crawdad's game! Especially on Thursdays. They have "Thirsty Thursday", where beer is cheap. Now, I don't like beer, and I especially don't like Baseball Stadium beer, but it means a big, rowdy crowd. That's fun times.

10: My favorite thing to do in Hickory, honestly, is to grill on my back porch, with my best friends around me. I'm extremely fortunate that I have 2 best friends and a husband who love to eat what I cook.

11: There is an Ostrich Ranch! I've never been, but Allison, could we get on that?

12: Hickory Dickory Dock, where you can play laser tag!

So people, stop telling me how boring Hickory is. If you hate it that much, move. I bet $20 you'd be just as unhappy somewhere else. Probably because you're a big fat whiner.

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Allison said...

I think we could swing going to an Ostritch ranch. As long as it's free.. I didn't actually look at the link.