Thursday, July 24, 2008

The last couple of days, and the ones coming up.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. My mother in law called me from the dentist at 8:30, saying an appointment opened up, so I was at the dentist by 9. I'm fast. And now, my teeth are squeaky clean.

Then, I went to Winston Salem and met my mom for lunch at Cracker Barrel. That was wonderful. We both needed to see each other, I think. We had a lot of wonderful talk time, and I feel a lot better.

On the way home I stopped at the store to get food for dinner. We had our friend for dinner...she's never been here before, and it was wonderful. We ate good food, talked forever, and looked at pictures of our wedding and honeymoon. We got married on her roof right in downtown Hickory. I'll get back to that shortly.

Today we had lunch with the in-laws and met with a client. Now we get to hang out together all night. Tomorrow, Bele Chere! I'm so excited.

And Saturday, back to our friend...she's invited us to spend the evening on her roof! That will be so sweet, us up there, for as long as we want, right where we got married!

My life is really good. Really good. I am very thankful.

On a side note...just watched a special about the year 2012 that freaked me out. All these different cultures, ancient and modern, and even Nostradamus point to that year as something major. Major and end of the world bad. The stars and the earth will be aligned in some crazy way. A lot of things in Revelations have happened, and there isn't much more that needs to happen for Biblical prophecies to say the end of the world is here. And with the human race marching so steadily in a bad direction, things could be very bad by then anyway. I'm totally freaked out. I should not have watched that. Read life is good, and I would prefer it go on a little longer than 4 more years.

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