Friday, July 18, 2008

Dark Knight

Let me by preface this by saying that I have never been a big fan of the comic book movie-Superman, Batman, X-Men-whatever...not normally my bag. And I have to admit that I had never seen Batman Begins until last night. But I watched it last night, and loved it. I was riveted, and so I was quite excited to only have to wait one day for the sequel.

I don't know any Batman background-I've never picked up a comic book in my life, and I've never seen any Batman movies ever until last night-but the movie was complete unto itself. It told an incredibly exciting story in a visually stunning way. Heath Ledger reminded me of what attracted me to the stage to begin with-he was what an actor should be in every way. He was freaking committed. He was living in the moment-he was the Joker. Stankislovski would have been proud. And that kind of acting takes a toll on a person for sure-I had a friend in college who played Hamlet, so well and so completely that it took over his life-he failed every class, broke up with his girlfriend, and stopped talking to his friends.

Had Heath Ledger not died...this movie still would have been incredible. It would have launched his career to a totally new level.

It's for sure worth a trip to your local cinema.

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