Saturday, July 19, 2008

My favorite thing to cook.

I love to cook. While making lunch today, I thought-I'll blog my recipe! So, coming up, Pimento Cheese burgers with zucchini. But first you have to pinkie swear that you won't use icky store bought pimento cheese. I mean it. Pinkie swear. Pimento cheese is easy to make and so so delicious. I'll start with how to make that.

Get a big block of extra sharp cheddar cheese. Extra sharp. Repeat that part. Grate it up.
Get mayo. Real mayo. Put about 3 Tablespoons in a bowl with your grated cheese.
Get your diced, drained pimentos (Near mushrooms and olives at the grocery store-you need the small jar) and toss it in the bowl.
Throw in some pepper and garlic to taste. I use garlic paste, but whatever kind of garlic you have is fine.

Mix. See, easy. If it is too cheesy, add mayo. When I've got mine made, I always microwave it for 25 seconds and then put it in the fridge. It seems to make it taste better.

Ingredients you will need for this grill meal:

A big zucchini
An onion
2 Hamburger Buns
Pimento Cheese
Hamburger Meat
Olive Oil

So, first you're going to cut up that zucchini:
Light your grill. Now, you're going to mix some salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil like so:

You're going to get that mixture all over those zucchini slices, however you see fit. I kind of roll them around on the plate. If you start running low, just add more olive oil. Lightly coat the insides of your buns with the extra. Then make your meat into patties. Make them flat and big enough to fill up the whole bun:

Now, bring your stuff outside and know you're done with the hard part.

Now, grill away. Hamburgers first for a couple minutes, then add the zucchini.

Flip your burgers when they're ready. Then, flip zucchini. Put the pimento cheese on top of the burger, and don't be afraid to put a lot. Put your buns on the grill.

When the zucchini looks delicious, take it off.

Put those hamburger patties on the buns, toss on some red onion, and you have yourself a meal.

Jon's reaction today? "Oh my God I love you so much."


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I'm salivating!!! Thanks for this idea...I would have never thought to make something like this, but you can bet I will now. :o)

Lovey said...

I'm impressed! And your patio looks so pretty!