Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm still feeling super overwhelmed about this project. However, I am making progress. I think it will all work out OK, although I'll have to spend hours and hours editing, I think.

Enough about that-I have been neglecting my blog, and I'm sorry. Sorry mostly to myself, because I love this little blog. I think of it almost like an adorable pet, and I'm feeling guilty because I haven't fed it enough.

Do you ever just feel know, like getting out of bed is so hard that you're pretty sure you'll never make it through the day so that you can get back? I feel that way today. I'm not really tired. I just want to get in bed and stay there. Anyone who wants to see me could surely see me from my bed. I just want to hide.

And I'm getting an observation today, which is never fun. The worst is that it is during 6th grade time. Around 1:20, the 6th graders pack their bookbags, then go to recess. So in their mind, they're done, right? So they run around and get sweaty and tired, and then come to specials. So, I have 25 rambunctious kids who feel like their day is already over. It's very difficult to accomplish anything in those classes. Especially on Fridays, when they know all that is keeping them from the weekend is my class. It's frustrating. But then, 6th graders have frustrated me pretty much since my first day teaching.

But the little ones. I love them so much. And as the year goes on, I get more and more hugs, which is excellent. And today, this very sweet girl made some flowers for me. My mornings are always excellent, but after lunch, it's big kids all the way. And I don't want you to think that I hate older kids...but they're not as much fun. They're very worried about what their friends think about them, and they have to be "cool" all the drama is tricky. I'm always having to think..."If I were their age, would this be cool or dorky?" And lots of times, I'm wrong.

Perhaps the real source of my frustration is simply that it is nearing the end of the year...the hardest part of the whole thing.

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