Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The coming week

This week should be awesome.

Last night was not fabulous, but not bad either. Allison, Matt, and Jon all skipped Trivia, though, and Eddie is still sick. So I was all by my lonesome. At least Joe and Herb came so I had some friends there.

Tonight-Juno, for $2! Also, I have to kill Allison for making me think she was pregnant for a whole 30 seconds.

Thursday-Thirsty Thursdays Crawdads Game!! If you're my friend, you should come!

Fun Fun Fun.


Allison said...

I didn't Skip trivia! I couldn't come. Don't kill me yet.

Carmen Eckard said...

didn't mean to make it sound like you didn't have a reason. internet-allison had to go home to help her mom. it wasn't her fault. and i've decided not to kill you cause i like you too much.