Friday, April 25, 2008


I can't believe it's already Friday. This week flew more quickly than normal. I've just discovered that I love twitter. I kept hearing about it, but I just didn't care. But now, I care. It totally satisfies my need to blog, but satisfies it in about 30 seconds.

This weekend-dinner with the in-laws, including Thad, who is coming in from Asheville. Guitar lessons!! Karaoke!!! Sleeping past 6:30!!

I have an enormous project coming up at school, and any ideas you have would be helpful. Grades 3-6 have to take the End of Grade tests, and thanks to George Bush, this is a very very important thing, and EVERYONE freaks out about it. My job? To create a movie that includes each class in the whole school doing something peppy to get ready for it. Then, I will edit it all together, and we'll show the movie instead of a pep rally. I would have no problem doing this with say, 10 classes. But I have to do it with 24, and I just am a little overwhelmed. That's a lot of plays and cheers and songs I have to write. So, any ideas?

Interesting coincidence: My mom took the personality test, and so did Allison. And guess what? They have the same personality type! Which would totally explain why I've been drawn to Allison the whole time I've known her. But, they do not remind me of each other. But now that I'm thinking about it, I totally buy it.

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