Monday, April 14, 2008


I am a caffeine junky. I'll just go ahead and admit it. I had recently gotten as bad as 4 cups of coffee and a couple of sodas every day. I love it, as bad as it is for me. I like coffee and coke better than I like food. But, alas, with this prognosis, and all the reading I've done, I know I have to give it up. Give it up? I have been hooked on the caffeine as long as I can remember. There was this one day when I didn't have any caffeine, and then I killed 3 people. And ate them, just in hopes that I might absorb any little caffeine particles that were floating in their bodies.

It has now been 26 hours since the devilish stuff has touched my lips. I miss it, maybe as bad as I'd miss a toe if I lost that. My head is pounding, and I can't concentrate. I had to write the last sentence 3 times because I kept forgetting where I was going with it.

It was better in the morning, because I had the calming effects of the stuff I blogged about earlier. I need some more of that, and it is at home. But now, it's been too long. But Herb Sr, the chiropractor, went into a very long and detailed and gross description of what soda and coffee do to a person. And every IBS page I've looked at says "No caffeine, no dairy, nothing deep fried." Bother.

But I just want to go to sleep. After I punch someone in the face.

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