Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cheers for my end of grade test movie

I'm struggling, ya'll! Any ideas?

Hey, Hey
Hey hey are you ready?(clap, clap)
Are you ready?(clap,clap)
To test(clap)
Say go rockets(clap)
Go rockets (clap) (clap)
Rockets all the way!

We're up for the Challenge and glad to be here
We wish you the best of luck, ready set, let's cheer

We've got the spirit, we're not weak! We're going to ace that test this week! We've got the talent, we've got the heat! Catawba Rockets just can't be beat!

Catawba Elementary is the best! We’re gonna ace that mean ole’ test.
We'll show you what we've got, 'cause we're the best and we're hot!

Explode! Ignite
Catawba Rockets are dynamite
We’re going to ace those EOGs
We’re going to ace them wait and see.

Is it A or B or C or D?
Think about it hard and you will see!
Take your time and ace that test.
You’ll soon see that you’re the best.

The night before get lots of rest!
That will help to ace the test!
And make sure you eat some food-
Grumbly tummies are awfully rude.
Don’t be scared, don’t be nervous!
You’ll be as slick as the secret service!

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