Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend reminded me of why I love Hickory. Friday night, I went out dancing at City to City. Bad news for that place...there were only 10 people there or so. But it was all kinds of fun. Saturday, the Art Center hosted a concert for $1, yes $1 that had about 10 local bands. And karaoke was more fun than it has ever been. Click that link to see some truly excellent pictures. Sunday, we had a cookout, and you know how I love me some cookouts! Raspberry BBQ chicken, carrots and baked potatoes with mango icecream.

So, later today, I have an interview with the Science Center. I'm terribly excited. Summer is only about 9 weeks away, and we've started making end of year plans at school. I love this time of year.

Trivia was fun last night, and that's good. And, they gave me a little raise. So that's cool. But I'm not sure if it is enough to keep me there. I just don't know.

My husband is a sweet dear man. I haven't mentioned that lately. He's very sweet and understanding. I really love him, and I'm so glad I married him.

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