Monday, April 14, 2008


I had an embarrassing incident at school on Thursday that sent me home and made me realize I should go to a doctor. Now, my mom and my friend Shannon have been saying this for months, so they're both happy with me. Word is, pending further tests, irritable bowel syndrome. Nice and icky. I read up on it, and it would pretty much explain my whole life. But the medicine they gave me made me a bit of a space cadet. So, my friend Herb took me to talk to his dad, also Herb, who is a chiropractor, with lots of knowledge of alternative treatment. The biggest factor in IBS is stress, so he gave me some handy information. He told me to take slippery elm, which thickens into slime when you add it to water. This is very good for your insides. And he told me about L-thianine, which is just the coolest, and each of you should go to the Vitamin Shoppe and get some right now. It is a free amino acid that is found in green tea, but it does all kinds of wonderful things. One of those things is that it melts stress away beautifully, without making you tired at all. It crosses the blood brain barrier and causes your brain to create Alpha Waves. If you were in a deep state of meditation, you would produce these same waves. So, I think this is a medical marvel and breakthrough, and it has released my stress a lot actually. It doesn't make you feel like you're on just releases your stress. Awesome. I can already tell a difference in the irritability of my bowels. Really, just do yourself a favor and go get some. It has no bad effects at all, and no known side effects.

On a different subject-Allison is home! I haven't seen her yet, but her car was back this morning. Can't wait to talk to you, chica!


Katie Bonk said...

hmmm... I wonder if that would help with my social anxiety issues?

Carmen Eckard said...

Try it. It's awesome!!