Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh my dear Lord

Please read this story.

To sumarize-a third grade teacher scolded her students for standing on a chair, so they decided to murder her. They hatched an elaborate scheme, and each of the 8 students had a job. They also were supposed to bring items to school, including duct tape, a steak knife, and a paperweight to hit her over the head with. They each brought their items to school. An uninvolved student told a principal that someone brought a weapon to school, and they ultimately uncovered the plot, which probably would have worked.

They have been suspended. Suspended.

Will someone hold my hair while I throw up, please?

Suspended. Because we all know that kids hate having to stay home from school. Does anyone else think that this is an inappropriate punishment for hatching a murder scheme and actually carrying out the first part?

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Allison said...

That's creepy as hell. At least 2 of them were arrested though. I still don't see how 3rd graders would think of all of these things. They must be like MENSA kids or something.